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Greece | The calamity of austerity in Greece

by Niki Best

While the troika celebrated the end of its Greek bailout programme, the Transnational Institute TNI was busy reporting on the devastating impact of its enforced austerity.

Argentina | Argentina in turmoil

by Jérôme Duval

After Argentine President Mauricio Macri announced, on 3rd September, a brutal austerity plan under IMF supervision, the people hit the streets to express their anger at rising prices and budget cuts.

USA | Market fundamentalism + water = poison

Book review of What the Eyes Don’t See: A Story of Crisis, Resistance, and Hope in an American City by Mona Hanna-Attisha (2018, One World Press), and The Great Lead Water Pipe Disaster by Werner Troesken (2006, MIT Press)

by Pete Brown, Detroit Workers’ Voice

Venezuela | Venezuela’s Maduro government imposes capitalist shock therapy

by Bill Van Auken
22 August 2018

Venezuela remained in a state of chaos Tuesday, four days after President Nicolas Maduro announced a series of economic measures, including a 95 percent currency devaluation and a conversion of the country’s old currency “the strong bolivar” to a new one, the “sovereign bolivar,” by lopping off five zeros from the new banknotes.

UK | The human rights abuses that couldn’t be closer to home – weekly briefing

Will the New Labour imperialists ever pay for their crimes, asks Lindsey German

Imagine if, in the course of a much contested and aggressive war, your government was involved in facilitating the torture and detention of suspected terrorists, its intelligence officers being present while some of this torture is taking place, or supplying questions to the torturers in order to facilitate their interrogations in other cases – with more than 200 known cases where this took place.