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USA | The New York Times ‘burning aid’ story shows the corporate media is weeks behind independent outlets

by John McEvoy

On 10 March, the New York Times published a story disputing the US government’s claims that Venezuelan officials had burned US ‘aid’ trucks. The report showed that it was Venezuelan opposition protesters – and not pro-government forces – that had set the trucks alight.

Failed Regime Change in Nicaragua. OAS and Amnesty International: Killing, Torturing Sandinistas Is OK

by Stephen Sefton

Between April and July this year, Nicaragua suffered an extremely violent attempt at regime change supported by the US government and its allies. Crucial integral components of that coup attempt were bad faith reporting by international human rights organizations and extremely distorted news coverage by Western media. Partisan human rights organizations and media falsely blamed Nicaragua’s Sandinista government for almost all the deaths during the coup, when the reverse is true. Over two hundred Sandinista supporters, uninvolved passers-by and police were killed and hundreds suffered intimidation, abuse and torture at the hands of the US supported opposition forces. By default, organizations like the Inter American Commission for Human Rights and Amnesty International make clear they could hardly care less.

Saudi Arabia | Jamal Khashoggi’s murder is another test for the West. Will it fail that one too?

by Yehia Hamed

Western diplomacy is facing a new challenge from the Middle East. This time that challenge comes from one of its anchors in the region, Saudi Arabia.

The kingdom was always considered a partner and strategic ally, and the connections with Western Europe and United States have always been strong. The policy towards the kingdom has always been stable. Strong diplomatic relations were buttressed by tens of think tanks and research groups.

USA | Google intensifies censorship of left-wing websites

By Andre Damon

Google has intensified its censorship of left-wing, progressive and anti-war websites, cutting the search traffic of 13 leading news outlets by 55 percent since April.

On August 2, the World Socialist Web Site reported that changes to Google’s search algorithm had led the search traffic of these sites to drop by 45 percent, according to figures by the search analysis service SEMRush.

France | “Fanny du Villars” : Le journal Le Monde ressuscite les morts pour mentir sur le Venezuela

by Romain Migus

Depuis plusieurs années, le journal Le Monde compte sur les habituels pamphlets antichavistes de ses collaborateurs Marie Delcas et Paulo Paranaguá. La première est correspondante du journal pour couvrir les évènements au Venezuela. Petit détail, elle est en poste à Bogota, soit à 1400 kilomètres de Caracas. Ça peut paraître assez étrange. On imagine assez mal un correspondant en Espagne relatant les derniers évènements tragiques de Catalogne depuis Paris. Pourtant la distance entre les deux villes européennes est plus courte que celle qui sépare les deux capitales latinas. Pour remédier à l’éloignement, la dite correspondance relève plus du commentaire élogieux des opinions de l’opposition à la Révolution bolivarienne. Mais ça, le lecteur du Monde n’en saura rien.