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Australia | MH17: Australia Say Russia Not To Blame, Evidence Tampered With

The official Australian investigation into the cause of the crash of Malaysian Airlines MH17 have accused the Dutch Safety Board (DSB) of failing to provide “conclusive evidence” of what exactly destroyed the aircraft, and say that Russia did not shoot down the plane despite accusations to the contrary from DSB. 

France | Giulietto Chiesa sur le vol MH-17 : voilà les images du missile BUK-1 ukrainien

Alors que la commission d’enquête hollandaise vient tout juste de remettre son rapport sur le vol MH-17 abattu l’an dernier au-dessus de l’Ukraine (lire ici), le journaliste italien Giulietto Chiesa nous apprend que la veille de la tragédie, une batterie de missiles BUK-1 contrôlée par l’armée ukrainienne a été filmée par la télévision ukrainienne précisément dans la zone survolée par l’appareil le lendemain. Les preuves d’une manipulation généralisée n’ont jamais été aussi nombreuses dans cette affaire qui a, rappelons-le, donné lieu aux sanctions économiques contre la Russie toujours en vigueur, sans qu’aucune preuve de son implication ne soit jamais apportée par les USA ou l’OTAN malgré toutes leurs promesses et leurs apparentes certitudes.

Germany | Über Krisengebieten ist die Freiheit nicht grenzenlos

Flug MH17 wurde auch von der Ukraine aus abgeschossen, weil Behörden versagten. Warum es der Welt nicht gelingt, Passagiermaschinen über Kampfregionen besser zu schützen.

USA | NYT Plays Games with MH-17 Tragedy

Exclusive: There was a time when The New York Times showed some skepticism toward the words of the U.S. government but those days are long gone, as the Times sinks even deeper into the propaganda swamp with an editorial playing games with the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 tragedy, writes Robert Parry.

Malaysia | Govt continues investigation to bring MH17 perpetrators to justice

By THARANYA ARUMUGAM – 16 October 2015

KUALA LUMPUR: Deputy Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Reezal Merican Naina assured that not a single stone will be left unturned in the government’s efforts to seek justice for victims of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17. He said the Russian government has requested Malaysian officials to visit Moscow to share their findings into the tragedy. “Russia had extended an invitation to us to attend to a report from their side. And I was told Wisma Putra is looking into it. “What matters most to us is justice to those onboard MH17 who had lost their lives due to the irresponsible and completely unacceptable act of the culprits who shot the plane. “Action must be taken against the perpetrators,” he told reporters after delivering a keynote speech at the 6th Asean Connectivity Symposium here today. The Russian government had expressed dissatisfaction with the Dutch Safety Board (DSB) final report on MH17 citing it to be biased. Hence, Russia had invited all the relevant parties, including Malaysian officials and the International Civil Aviation Organisation to look into its own investigation report, which among others, revealed that the BUK missile mentioned in the DSB does not belong to the Russians.