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Ukraine | Lugansk government crisis

The course of events in the Lugansk People’s Republic unfolded with a bulk of new twists on the previous evening, on Thursday, November 23. Both developments of the past and of the present times were touched upon in a series of statements by the key government bodies of the Republic, thus bringing up the anticipation of the coming political settlement.

Ukraine | Kiev regime has limited supply of water to Donbas

According to messages from Lugansk, since December 1 supply of drinking water to the city is limited. The city is supplied with water from the river Seversky Donets. During the civil war on Donbas Kiev took under control the territory to the North from the river, however couldn’t take the territory located to the South where Lugansk People’s Republic was formed. The main water intakes appeared under control of Kiev, therefore the capital of the self-proclaimed republic depends on water supply.

Ukraine: UN agency begins cash assistance programme to meet food needs in crisis-torn eastern areas

13 August 2015 – Responding to the recurring food shortages created by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) has begun cash distributions to some 60,000 people – mostly internally displaced – in Government-controlled areas of the Lugansk and Donetsk region.