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Ukraine | Donbas prepares for elections with arrests

In November, the Donetsk People’s Republic must elect a new head of state. However, the preparation for the elections is rather peculiar and contradicts the word “People’s” in the name of the republic. The lead candidate is determined in advance. He is Denis Pushilin. And all attempts to nominate worthy alternative candidates are nipped in the bud. The Communists of Donbas are among the victims of these staged elections. In 2014 they played an important role in the victory of the uprising, the holding of a referendum and the formation of the DPR. But these merits now have no meaning.

Ukraine | The Local Elections in the Donbas are Questioned Now

If fighting does not cease in the Donbas, the local elections will not be held everywhere in the region, including in the areas controlled by government forces.
This statement president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko made during a visit to Donetsk region.
«If there is an escalation of the fighting like in the past two days, the elections will not be physically carried out. As a president and as a commander in chief I am today both for the free will, and for the safety of citizens», — Poroshenko said.
Earlier, governor of the Donetsk region Zhebrivskyi appointed by Poroshenko said that the elections can not be carried out in the Donbas, as the local population adheres to wrong political views.