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Evo Morales dénonce les attaques de la droite bolivienne

La Paz, 2 juillet (PL) Le président de la Bolivie, Evo Morales, a dénoncé aujourd’hui le véritable objectif derrière les attaques de l’aile droite du pays : conspirer et discréditer le gouvernement, principalement son leader indigène.

Les défenseurs du 21F (refus de remettre Morales aux élections) ne sont pas des groupes de citoyens, mais des politiciens de droite déguisés en citoyens qui ont pour seul objectif de collusion et de discréditer le gouvernement et surtout le président indigène, a-t-il dit lors d’une conférence de presse.

Spain | Spain lifts financial controls on Catalonia, rules out referendum

Spain’s new Socialist government said on Friday it would lift financial controls on Catalonia as a “gesture of normalisation” towards the separatist-minded region, but insisted an independence referendum was still “out of the question.”

Italy | Call on a possible Five-Star / Lega govt: Don’t act like Tsipras!

Rome May 10

After two months of uncertainty and hesitancy (whose responsibilities also fall on the shoulders of Salvini and Di Maio) it seems that this government takes life. It is not born under a good star, nevertheless better this way. We’ll see if Di Maio and Salvini will find a firm agreement.

Greece | Left forces in Athens conclude capitalism entered the epoch of barbarity

On May 26-28, 4 Euro-Mediterranean workers’ conference of the left forces was held in Athens, organized by the Balkan Socialist Center Christian Rakovsky. The conference was held under the slogan “Against Capitalism, War, Fascism”.
Representatives of the left and communist organizations of Greece, Italy, France, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Macedonia, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Argentina, Finland, Turkey, Cyprus, Syria, Palestine, South Africa and other countries attended the Conference. More than 80 delegates took part in the conference. Attention of the conference participants was focused on the problems of the general crisis of capitalism, whose numerous manifestations, according to the speakers, can be observed in modern conditions in all continents.

The Long Affair Between The Working Class And The Intellectual Cultural Left Is Over

by Bo Rothstein

Sometimes love comes to an end. The glow fades, the couple has grown “apart” or suffered what used to be called “irreconcilable differences”. This occurs not only between individuals but also in politics. The Brexit referendum in the UK, Donald Trump’s election victory in the United States and the success of all sorts of nationalist-populist parties in many European countries (including Sweden) clearly show that one of the more protracted political marriages must now be regarded as dissolved.