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Serbian opposition announces new protests

Dragan Djilas (photo), leader of the opposition Alliance for Serbia (SZS) has announced a new protest in Belgrade that will be held on Saturday. The motto of the protest will be “Let’s count ourselves”, because influential pro-government broadcasters, including national television (RTS), claimed in their accounts that the previous rally was attended by the few citizens. Djilas said that he expects fair reports from RTS.

Facing the left-wing challenge in the European Union

by Eric Toussaint

It is shocking to see that the right-wing government in power in Italy since Summer 2018 refuses to reduce the budgetary deficit while so-called left-wing governments bow to the constraints of austerity. It is now, when the peoples of the Eurozone are ever more disgusted by the policies imposed by European leaders and big capital, that the radical left should start fighting the structures of the European Union and the Eurozone. The time is ripe to expose their legitimacy crisis and use it as a means of tackling the challenges populations are faced with. The left needs to adopt an internationalist, anticapitalist break strategy and push ahead with an eco-socialist federation of the peoples of Europe. A large part of the population aspires to radical change; if the left shows that it has strong proposals and is ready to commit fully to bringing them about, it could win popular support. The left must gear up to taking a profoundly radical course of action that is internationalist, feminist, environmentalist, antiracist, socialist, communist and not tethered by any dogma. [1]

Germany | Germany after Merkel: how the right can be beaten

by Vladimir Unkovski-Korica

Following a disastrous set of election results for her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) in Hesse on 28 October, when the CDU dropped from over 38 to just 27 percent of the vote, Angela Merkel announced she was stepping down as the party leader.

What’s Left in Nicaragua After Ortega

by Roger Harris

Before the violence that started mid-April, Nicaragua had been the most peaceful, safest, and by far the most progressive country in Central America. Now that a semblance of peace has been restored in Nicaragua, the US government continues its campaign for regime change joined by some who formerly supported Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega and his Sandinista party. While much has been written for and against Ortega, what might replace him were he to leave is less well fleshed out. Latin Americanist academics Dan La Botz and Benjamin Waddell, both
with extensive experience in and knowledge of Nicaragua, give us some insights into what might be expected were the opposition to take over.

Evo Morales dénonce les attaques de la droite bolivienne

La Paz, 2 juillet (PL) Le président de la Bolivie, Evo Morales, a dénoncé aujourd’hui le véritable objectif derrière les attaques de l’aile droite du pays : conspirer et discréditer le gouvernement, principalement son leader indigène.

Les défenseurs du 21F (refus de remettre Morales aux élections) ne sont pas des groupes de citoyens, mais des politiciens de droite déguisés en citoyens qui ont pour seul objectif de collusion et de discréditer le gouvernement et surtout le président indigène, a-t-il dit lors d’une conférence de presse.