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Ukraine | Games of Patriots” with Courts in Ukraine

Over the past two days in Ukraine, there have been events that show how the current system of power of the Kiev government works. It failed to establish a totalitarian regime and is forced to achieve the desired results by selective pressure on its opponents. This is how the prosecutor’s office builds relations with Ukrainian courts when it comes to detaining opposition activists. On June 26, the Odessa court released Anatoly Slobodyanik under house arrest. Slobodyanik and member of the local council Gennady Kushnaryov were arrested allegedly for preparing a kidnapping of the MP Alexei Goncharenko, who has a persistent anti-rating in his native city. Both deny their guilt, and the case materials testify that it was artificially fabricated to arrest oppositionists. Both Slobodyanik and Kushnaryov have health problems.
On June 26, the court granted the defense’s motion and decided to transfer Slobodyanik to house arrest. The next day, a similar petition by Kushnaryov was to be considered. However, on the evening of June 26, opposition media reported that the prosecutor’s office decided to put pressure on the court to prevent Kushnaryov’s release. To this end, the prosecutor appealed for help to fascist activists. They had to appear in a court and put pressure on the judges to make the decision necessary for the prosecutor. June 27 it happened indeed. The fascist crowd filled the court, but the task assigned to it could not be fulfilled. The fascists simply thwarted the court session, so the court did not take any decision. The struggle for the liberation of Kushnaryov will continue.

Russia | Kremlin ignores freedom of conscience violation

Two weeks ago Russian court sentenced a young man Ruslan Sokolovsky, who was carried away by the game “PokeGo” and caught Pokemon in the church. The court found him guilty of insulting the feelings of believers and sentenced to a conditional conclusion. The basis for the verdict was not only the very fact of entertainment in the Orthodox Church, but also video recordings from his personal blog.
The Russian service of the BBC has brought several fragments from the verdict. Among them were: “[Sokolovsky’s videos] contain information that contains signs of insulting the feelings of adherents of Christianity and Islam, formed through the denial of the existence of God,” [the blogger] denies the existence of Jesus and the Prophet Muhammad, thus committed the crime envisaged in part 1 of Article 148 of the Criminal Code. ”
The verdict aroused indignation of the authoritative Russian journalist Vladimir Pozner, who does not hide his atheistic convictions. In his blog he wrote that he wants to get an explanation, does he have a legal right to be an atheist in Russia or is it criminal? “Perhaps the Patriarch Cyril will say whether I offend his religious feelings, claiming that there is no God? Perhaps the chairman of the Constitutional Court will tell me if I have the right to think what I think and express what I say? Maybe the head of state will make it clear whether the court is waiting for me,” – the journalist wrote.
In response, a spokesman for the Russian Orthodox Church expressed doubts in the depth of the journalist’s intelligence, and Dmitry Peskov, the Russian presidential press secretary, refused to condemn the violation of the principle of freedom of conscience, which the Russian court admitted.
Instead, Dmitry Peskov refused to comment on Pozner’s question at all. According to him, this is a rhetorical question that falls within the competence of Russian courts and has nothing to do with the president.

Ukraine | Terror against opposition activity in Southern Ukraine

Over the past month in the south of Ukraine the activity of fascist gangs has revived. Ukrainian fascists are terrorizing opposition activists and figures of Russian culture. On the night of 10 to 11 February in Odessa, a group of unknown people attacked the chairman of the Razdelnyansky district council Felix Segal from the “Opposition bloc” resulted in a craniocerebral injury and several fractures.
On March 13 in the village of Altestovo, Belyaevsky district of the Odessa region, the radicals from the organization “Avtomaydan” attacked the volunteers of the party “Opposition bloc”. At the time of the attack, the volunteers handed out leaflets dedicated to the work of the deputy of the Odessa Regional Council Vitaliy Sautyonkov and greeting cards on the occasion of the International Women’s Day on March 8.
As a result of the actions of “Avtomaydan”, the chairman of the Teplodar party organization of the “Opposition bloc” Yuri Pirogov suffered. The battered oppositionist, who is an assistant to the deputy of the Odessa regional council, was hospitalized with numerous hematomas and head injuries. At the same time, the attacking bandits expressed public threats to the MP from the “Opposition bloc”, Nikolai Skorik. They argued that “it will soon be over”.
On March 14, a group of fascists brought the actress of the Russian Drama Theater in Nikolayev Lidia Gashinska to a stroke. This happened in the hall of the Nikolayev District Administrative Court. The trial was caused by a conflict between the theater staff and the regional state administration, in which the theater is subordinate. Earlier the contest committee elected Nikolai Kravchenko as the theater’s director. The staff of the theater also supported his candidacy. However, the regional administration annulled the results of the competition under the pressure of Ukrainian nationalists. They do not like that the new director of the theater is a deputy of the regional council from the party “Opposition bloc”. Now the theatrical company is seeking recognition of the results of the contest through the court. On March 14, a group of fascists came to the court to intimidate the artists. Honored Artist of Ukraine Lidia Gashinska became their main target. They insulted the woman, showering her with obscene language. Lidia Gashinska suffered a stroke right in the courtroom. Now she is in the hospital.
Recall also that on February 23 as a result of police provocation, Ukrainian special services arrested two Odessa opposition activists, among them Alexander Kushnaryov, a deputy of the local council from the party “Opposition bloc”. It seems that the activity of special services and fascist gangs is closely coordinated. This is also indicated by the activities of the organization “Oberig”, which is closely connected with the Ukrainian special services since 2015. Just in early March, its leaders undertook a campaign to identify regional opposition sites related to political emigrants who left Ukraine for Russia.

Ukraine | Ukrainian political police carried out new arrests

On February 23 arrests for political motives were resumed in Ukraine. On the day when opponents of Kiev regime celebrate anniversary of the Soviet army of creation, the Ukrainian intelligence agencies arrested three inhabitants of Odessa: Alexander Kushnaryov, Anatoly Slobodyanik and Andrey Zadorozhniy. A. Kushnaryov is a deputy of Limansky village council from the Oppositional block and the father of Gennady Kushnaryov who was killed on May 2, 2014, defending in the Trade Unions Building from attack of the Ukrainian fascists. A. Slobodyanik heads the union of veterans of law enforcement agencies of Odessa region. A. Zadorozhniy is a worker in typography.

Turkey | Turkish Police Detain HDP Co-Leaders and MPs

November 3

Turkey’s Interior Ministry has confirmed that 11 Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) lawmakers have been detained by police in operations across the country tonight.

Those detained include HDP co-chairs Selahattin Demirtas and Figen Yuksekdag.