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Hungary | ‘Slave Law’ Overtime Rules Send Hungarian Workers Into the Street in Protest

On Saturday, Hungarian trade unions protested a change in the country’s labor code in Budapest, increasing a workers’ allowable overtime from 250 to 400 hours a year in a move union leaders have dubbed as a “slave law.”

South Korea | South Korea cuts its work limit from 68 hours a week to 52

South Korea has lowered its maximum working hours from 68 hours a week to 52 hours. The legislation, which went into effect Sunday, received overwhelming support in the National Assembly in an effort to limit the time employees spend on the job..

South Korea has the third highest number of hours worked of 37 countries tracked by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, with the average person in South Korea working about 2,024 hours in 2017, or approximately 38.9 hours a week.
Mexico clocked the most time on the job with an average of 2,257 hours (about 43.4 hours a week) in 2017, and Costa Rica worked the second most with 2,179 hours (41.9 hours a week). On the other end of the spectrum, Germany and Denmark worked the least, with an average of 1,356 and 1,408 hours, respectively, in 2017, or 26 and 27 hours a week.
“Enforcement will be interesting,” Ellen Kossek, a professor of management at the Purdue University Krannert School of Management, said of South Korea. “I think it’s a good move in the right direction. I do know that they’re very worried about declining fertility rates as an economic problem. They’re also worried about health.”
The law first requires implementation by companies with more than 300 employees. Smaller companies must do so in 2020 and 2021.
Broader campaigns to improve work-life balance include turning off the power at Seoul City Hall on Friday evenings to encourage employees to go home.

France | Réforme du code du travail : 10 000 personnes à Lyon selon les syndicats, des incidents sur le parcours

Contre la réforme du code du travail, contre la guerre contre “les fainéants”, le cortège est parti de la Manufacture des tabacs. Les rangs gonflés par la CGT mais aussi par de nombreux jeunes.

Mais les manifestants n’avaient pas déjà fait 100 mètres que déjà le cortège était arrêté et scindé en deux après des tensions avec les forces de l’ordre. Lycéens et anarchistes ne sont pas d’accords avec les organisateurs et font de la police leur cible numéro 1, plutôt que le gouvernement. Les CRS ont déjà fait usage de gaz lacrymogène et des coups de matraque ont été distribuées pour tenter de ramener de l’ordre.

France | The Extreme Center and Social Struggles in France: From the Labor Law to the Presidential Elections

France | Clashes erupt as French unions take to the streets against labour reform

Clashes erupted on Thursday as thousands of demonstrators protesting against a controversial labour law took to the streets of Paris and cities across France. The interior ministry said 32 people had been arrested in connection with the violence.

France’s main CGT union estimated that 40,000 people had turned out to protest in Paris by mid-afternoon. Police, however, put the figure much lower, saying between 12,500 and 13,500 turned out for the demonstration.