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USA | Deadliest Terror in the World: the West’s Latest Gift to Africa

Nigeria’s Boko Haram are now officially the deadliest terror group in the world. That they have reached this position is a direct consequence of Cameron and co’s war on Libya – and one that was perhaps not entirely unintended.

Ireland | EU says charges against Turkey journalists ‘worrying’

The European Union (EU) has expressed concern over the arrest of two Turkish journalists on “espionage” charges after reports by the pair blew the lid off Ankara’s arms delivery to the Takfiri terror groups operating in neighboring Syria.   

UK | Is Vladimir Putin right to label Turkey ‘accomplices of terrorists’?

USA | Darkness in the Arab Spring’s Brightest Spot

Turkey | Communists’ reply on the conflict between Turkey and Russia at the Syrian border

Communist Party, Turkey (KP) released a statement replying to PM Davutoğlu as:
«You are the biggest threat!»

ICP, 25th November 2015

In the aftermath of Turkey’s downing a Russian warplane and death of the pilot by groundfire by the rebels at the Syrian border, Communist Party, Turkey (KP) released a statement replying to Prime Minister’s statement.