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Ukraine | Monika Karbowska interdite en Ukraine

par Danielle Bleitrach

Voici la lettre que notre amie Monika Karbowska adresse à un certain nombre d’entre nous avec mission de la diffuser , dans ce pays où les défilés à la gloire des nazis et des collaborateurs ukrainiens deviennent habituels, dans ce pays où en toute impunité on brôle 46 personnes dans la maison des syndicats et où après ce crime seules les « mères » des victimes sont inquiétées, dans ce pays où le communisme est interdit, réprimé pour mieux exalter les nazis, le tout avec la bénédiction de BHL et bien d’autres russophobes y compris trotskistes(alors qu’en Ukraine les trotskistes sont également réprimés par les fachos), une communiste ne peut franchir la frontière. Notez que c’est en tant que française (pas polonaise) que Monika est refoulée, qu’en disent les autorités françaises?

USA | The Binational Conference to Cancel NAFTA

On December 2-3, 2017, the Binational Conference to Cancel NAFTA, Tear Down the Wall of Shame / End All Deportations, Stop Privatizations, and Promote Labor Rights on Both Sides of the Border was held in Carson, Calif., with the participation of more than 200 unionists and activists from the United States and Mexico. The first all-day session was held at California State University-Dominguez Hills and was hosted by the university’s Modern Language Department and the CSUDH chapter of the California Faculty Association; the second half-day session was held at the hall of the United Steelworkers Local 675.

Mexico | Binational Call Against ‘the Wall of Shame’

Shortly after 9/11, the administration of George W. Bush moved to tighten “border security,” ultimately leading to the adoption of the Secure Fence Act in October 2006 that created a fortified wall and a virtual fence (with sensors and cameras) over 700 miles of the 1,990-mile U.S.-Mexico border.

UK | In London: Solidarity with Ukrainian antifascists

Antifascists protest on Downing Street, government center of the United Kingdom.

London activists brought a strong antiwar message to the seat of the United Kingdom’s government Oct. 28, calling for an end to British military and other aid to Ukraine; implementation of the Minsk peace agreements; justice for the scores of antifascists murdered on May 2, 2014, at the House of Trade Unions fire in Odessa and solidarity with all antifascists in the Donbass and Ukraine.

USA | The Untold Story of How Immigrants Turned the Wobblies into a Global Force

Declaring, “an injury to one is an injury to all,” the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) upended and forever changed the labor movement a little over a century ago. The Wobblies’ commitment to organizing workers on an industry-wide basis, their cynicism about legislative action and electoral politics, their aversion to signed contracts and their preference for sudden strikes remain fascinating subjects for labor studies. Their multiculturalism, anti-racism and pioneering bohemian approach to God, country and sex remain a rich vein to be mined for cultural studies.