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The Poverty of Entrepreneurship: The Silicon Valley Theory of History

How Silicon Valley coopts history for its own autocratic ends.

Why didn’t the Gauls overthrow the Romans? Why was Nat Turner’s revolt defeated so quickly? Why was the Haitian Revolution the only victorious slave rebellion in the Western hemisphere? And how can the answers to these questions help you, an aspiring entrepreneur, build an amazing business?

Ukraine | Symbols of the 1st Galician SS Division are not considered to be Nazi symbols in Ukraine

Symbols of the 1st Galician SS Division do not fall under the law banning Communist and Nazi propaganda, according to Vladimir Vyatrovich, the Director of the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory (UINM) on May 18. This statement was an official response to a request by Strana.ua, an independent Ukrainian online newspaper.

Ukraine | Battle for historical memory is carried on in Ukraine

On May 9, Ukraine traditionally celebrates the day of victory in the Great Patriotic War. However, the fascists, who came to power, are trying to ban this holiday. They can not do this openly, so they came up with an alternative holiday on May 8, and try to terrorize and intimidate people who go to the streets on May 9.
However, the people do not give up and respond with the action “Immortal Regiment”. During the action, the descendants of Soviet soldiers march through the streets with portraits of their grandfathers and great-grandfathers.
To prevent the procession of the “Immortal Regiment” in 2017, the Kiev regime began to prepare well in advance. May 5, the site “Immortal Regiment – Ukraine” was blocked without a court decision. Contrary to the anti-communist laws, it was forbidden to use any Soviet symbolism associated with the Victory on May 9. A special irritation under Kiev regime is the use of the Guards or St. George ribbon. It is not officially banned, but for its use, the police arrests people.
The Ukrainian police do not say how many people celebrated the Victory Day. According to their data, more than 2 thousand mass events took place on the territory of Ukraine on May 8 and 9, about 700 thousand citizens took part in it. However, on May 8, a small number of official events took place, and mass street festivals were held on May 9. Despite all the efforts of the Kiev regime on this day, hundreds of thousands of conscious citizens of Ukraine came to the streets, and the government used its last resort to stop them – the fascists. Throughout Ukraine, a real battle unfolded for the historical memory.

Why the West Falsifies the History of World War II

by Michael Jabara Carley

Historians interpret and reinterpret history. It is a normal process… except when politicians do the reinterpreting. Their interests are not intellectual but rather political. They seek justification for their politics by evoking the past, history as they need it to be.

Russia | On monarchist propaganda in modern Russia

One hundred years ago, in February (March – new style) 1917, the history of the Russian Empire ended. The fall of the monarchy was not the result of someone’s undercover intrigue, activities of foreign intelligence services or conspiratorial secret societies. Autocracy in Russia rotted at all levels, and became a brake on the further development of society. The majority of the Russian people made a decisive choice in favor of a republican form of government. Our ancestors refused the “bragging rights” to be someone’s subjects and became known by the proud word “citizens.”