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Greece | 800 mln€ disbursed to Greece after summer to cover arrears to private sector

A pending 8.5-billion-euro loan tranche to bailout-dependent Greece – approved last week by the Eurogroup – will be disbursed in two installments, European Stability Mechanism (ESM) Managing Director Klaus Regling announced on Thursday.

Greece | Why Greece is Germany’s ‘de facto colony’

For days, the Greek leader has been working the phones, trying to secure the best possible terms for his country as it enters the last mile of its seemingly endless cycle of bailouts. So far, his efforts have won him more mockery than respect — especially in Germany.

Greece | Schaeuble launches a broadside against Tsipras

Two weeks before a critical Eurogroup summit, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble launched a broadside at Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, claiming that the leftist premier has not shifted the burden of austerity away from poorer Greeks as he had pledged.

Greece | Greece’s Parliament Has Just Approved Even More Austerity Measures

Greece’s government secured parliamentary approval late Thursday for a new batch of creditor-demanded measures that will impose further income losses on austerity-weary Greeks over the next three years but pave the way for a modest debt relief deal.

Greece | EU, Greece urge deal on bailout review on Friday

Greece and its lenders must reach a deal on a long-stalled bailout review at a meeting of eurozone finance ministers on Friday, the country’s Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said on Wednesday, blaming creditors for unwarranted delays.

Talks between Greece, the European Union and the Washington-based International Monetary Fund have dragged on for months due to differences over Greece’s fiscal progress, labor and energy market reforms, rekindling worries of a new crisis in Europe.