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Brazil | Brazil Mourns Loss Of Its National Museum

Brazil’s National Museum is burning to the ground as rescue workers try to salvage what they can of the building that housed a large collection of Amazonian history.

The Museu Nacional (National Museum of Brazil) caught on fire Sunday night taking with it the historical museum’s collection of more than 20 million items ranging from Egyptian artifacts to Brazil’s oldest known human fossil.

Greece | Greece wildfires: 74 dead in holiday area

At least 74 people have died in wildfires in the Attica region around Athens, in Greece’s worst fire disaster in more than a decade.

Flames fanned by strong winds devastated the seaside village of Mati, devouring homes and cars.

Rescuers found the bodies of 26 adults and children who had apparently hugged each other as they died, trapped by the inferno just meters from the sea.