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UK | Neo-Nazi groups recruit Britons to fight in Ukraine

by Kevin Rawlinson

Neo-Nazi groups involved in the fighting in Ukraine are actively seeking to recruit British far-right activists, a leading anti-fascist watchdog has warned.

At least two Britons are thought to have travelled to the war-torn eastern European country in recent months after encouragement by people linked to the Azov battalion, a notorious Ukrainian fascist militia, according to Hope Not Hate.

“Nationalist” March in Central Vilnius on Lithuania’s 100th Birthday Ends Up in Usual Neo-Nazi Spirit

It started off as a sanitized version of neo-Nazi culture made to look like just “mainstream nationalist.” But by the time the event reached its peak, it featured hundreds of people carrying torches through some of the oldest streets of Vilnius Old Town, while worshiping a banner featuring six alleged Nazi collaborators, five of them deeply implicated in the Holocaust per se, thereby symbolically expressing some kind of glee at the successful ethnic cleansing which these “heroes” supported. The Catholic Church gave the events a de facto  blessing. The two open voices of morally clear protest were of the Jewish activist Daniel Lupshitz and the Catholic professor Dr. Andrius Kulikauskas. Defending History’s Julius Norwilla and Dovid Katz monitored the event.

Polish Nationalist Youth March Draws Thousands in Capital

Tens of thousands of Poles marched across downtown Warsaw on Saturday, in an independence-day procession organized by a nationalist youth movement.

The largely young crowd shot off roman candles and many chanted “fatherland,” carrying banners that read “White Europe,” “Europe Will Be White” and “Clean Blood.” Some of the marchers flew in from Hungary, Slovakia and Spain (as well as Italy and the UK –  edit.).

Spain | Barcelona es querella contra el militar que va firmar la pena de mort de Puig Antich

L’Ajuntament de Barcelona es querellarà contra Carlos Rey González, el militar que exercia funcions de jutge ponent del Consell de Guerra i que va signar la pena de mort de Salvador Puig Antich el 4 de gener de 1974. Segons el tinent d’alcalde de Drets de Ciutadania, Jaume Asens, l’assassinat de Puig Antich el va cometre el règim franquista, però “el règim sorgit de la transició l’ha mantingut impune fins ara”, i creu que ha arribat el moment de trencar aquesta “línia de continuïtat” que “ofèn”. Aquest dijous s’han complert 43 anys de l’assassinat.

Greece | Greek fascists attack refugee camp

By John Vassilopoulos
24 November 2016

Dozens of refugees were forced to flee the Souda refugee camp on the island of Chios last Thursday after a brutal attack by Golden Dawn members.

According to reports, the attack began at around 9:30 pm and lasted until the early hours of the morning. The fascists threw petrol bombs, large boulders and fireworks into the camp from surrounding elevated areas. A 42-year-old Syrian man was assaulted and a Nigerian boy was injured by one of the rocks. Three tents were burnt down and three more were damaged.