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Samir Amin: Catalogne, Espagne, Autriche, Europe ….la dérive

  1. Le chaos qui s’exprime en Catalogne par le partage égal de l’opinion entre« indépendantistes » et « unionistes » défit la raison. Car chacun des camps est lui-même partagé entre droite néo libérale réactionnaire affichée et gauches davantage sensibles aux conditions déplorables faites aux travailleurs. Certes certains de ces partis de gauche sont ralliés au libéralisme (ce qui constitue une contradiction en soi !) ; mais d’autres sont potentiellement anti capitalistes, même s’ils partagent les illusions – majoritaires en Europe – de la possibilité de « réformer les institutions de l’Union européenne », pourtant construites en béton armé pour que cela soit impossible.

Néanmoins, en dépit de ces différences, les uns et les autres donnent priorité à leur choix « national » (ou mieux « nationalitaire »). Ils sont même disposés à gouverner ensemble une coalition hétéroclite « indépendantiste » ou « unioniste ». Je n’ai entendu qu’un seul participant catalan à ces débats – le représentant de Podemos – oser dire clairement qu’il ne conçoit pas son soutien à une coalition quelconque dirigée par la droite.

Germany | Europe at the Crossroads

The organizers of the Munich Security Conference (MSC), one of the world’s most important military policy conferences, are urging that the EU’s transformation into a war alliance be accelerated. The European Union of states should be able to take on “missions,” similar to the 2011 military operation against Libya, at any time, according to a recent report by the Munich Security Conference, the McKinsey management consulting firm and the elite Hertie School of Governance. Not only drastic increases in the military budgets are being demanded of the EU members, but, above all, investments in modern military equipment. The authors of the report not only emphasize the harmonization of European weapon system standards but are also demanding that EU-states invest more in research, and to a growing extent, involve universities, branches of civilian industries and so-called start-up enterprises. According to the MSC Chairman, the German diplomat Wolfgang Ischinger, these are “essential” decisions, because it is “unsustainable” for the EU to continue to rely on US “protection.”

Romania | “The Maastricht Treaty has sent Romania back to the Middle Ages”

Romania and Bulgaria were integrated into the European Union over ten years ago, on the 1st of January 2007. Seventeen labour activists in Romania, particularly trade union leaders in the mining and energy sectors, draw up the balance sheet of these ten years. International Workers Committee quotes their statement:

EU anti-“fake news” authority prepares mass censorship

The European Union (EU) is launching the construction of an authority to monitor and censor so-called “fake news.” It is setting up a High-Level Expert Group on the issue and soliciting criticisms of “fake news” by media professionals and the public to decide what powers to give to this EU body, which is to begin operation next spring.

The European Union is stepping up efforts to improve military mobility

The Joint Communication adopted today outlines steps to be taken to address the obstacles which are hampering the movement of military equipment and personnel across the EU with the aim of facilitating and expediting their mobility to react in a fast and effective way to internal and external crises. In doing so, the European Commission and the High Representative are delivering on the commitment to use all the tools at their disposal to build a Union that protects.