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Leftist remainers and their strange EU fetish

Following the British Parliament’s refusal to back Theresa May’s Brexit deal, there is renewed optimism and plenty of glee among many so called “Leftist” remainers that Brexit can be scuppered altogether. This glee is centred on the misconception that the EU represents a paragon of democracy, individual rights, and social protection. They consider the institution to be synonymous with social progressiveness, if not outright socialism.

May all at sea as tide turns against her Brexit backstop deal

by Denis Staunton

As MPs took their seats to hear the result of the vote on the Brexit deal, chief whip Julian Smith approached Theresa May and whispered in her ear. She betrayed nothing as she looked downwards but, a few seats along the front bench, another whip was whispering the news to ministers, who looked frozen by his words.

UK | The courage of conviction: why a tactical “remain” vote make no sense

Vladimir Unkovski-Korica points out the glaring contradictions in Paul Mason’s argument to boycott the EU referendum

In his Guardian column, Paul Mason made a principled case for Brexit, only to argue that it should be ignored at the forthcoming referendum on pragmatic grounds. Mason contends that Brexit now would leave Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, two neoliberal fundamentalists, best placed to profit from the political fallout.

UK | Pressure on Cameron as poll suggests voters edging towards Brexit

A new poll has suggested more Britons favour leaving the EU over staying in, with 45% supporting “Brexit” compared with 36% against, while a fifth remain undecided.

The YouGov poll for the Times was carried out in the two days after publication of an outline deal that David Cameron negotiated which could change the UK’s relationship with Brussels while keeping it within the European Union.

UK | Polling on new EU Referendum question shows “leave” lead in Britain for first time since November 2014

On behalf of the Mail on Sunday, Survation is the first polling company to conduct an opinion poll based on the new EU Referendum question wording after its recommendation by the Electoral Commission and approval by the Prime Minister.
Conducted online over the 3rd – 4th of September, Survation asked respondents the new proposed ballot paper question and asked them how they would vote if the referendum was held today. Full data tables are available here.
The New EU Referendum Question
“Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?*” (*still to be made law in the government’s forthcoming Referendum Bill)