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Greece | EU Imposes Anti-Union Law on Greece

Under instructions from the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund, the Greek government pushed through the most anti-union legislation in Europe on Monday 15 January.

The move was demanded, along with other draconian measures, as a condition of the latest tranche of what is called Greece’s bailout but which in reality is bailing out the European financial institutions which recklessly encouraged Greek borrowing.

Greece | Industrialists-Creditors order, SYRIZA-ANEL Vote and the People Pay the New Bill

by Leonidas Vatikiotis

A catastrophic multi-bill that brutally affects the interests of workers, consumers and the poor and lower middle classes was voted by the Greek government on Monday, January 15, amid strikes |1|, closing the third assessment.

Greece | Grèce : Non au 4e Mémorandum !

by Dimitris Stratoulis

Gouvernement et représentants des créanciers préparent au Hilton le 4e mémorandum impliquant notamment des mesures anti-populaires en surnombre et aucun nouveau financement pour le pays après 2018.

Greece | ‘Patients who should live are dying’: Greece’s public health meltdown

by Helena Smith

Rising mortality rates, an increase in life-threatening infections and a shortage of staff and medical equipment are crippling Greece’s health system as the country’s dogged pursuit of austerity hammers the weakest in society.

Greece | The EU Can’t Be Reformed

Interview with Stathis Kouvelakis / 26 June 2016

Stathis Kouvelakis analyses what’s at stake after Brexit. He is reader in political philosophy at KCL, a former member of the Syriza central committee and now a member of Popular Unity.