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Une vieille installation nucléaire américaine menace le Groenland

Enfouie profondément sous la glace, la base Camp Century remonte à la surface avec ses produits polluants sous l’effet du réchauffement.

Comme à Bure, les spécialistes et scientifiques avaient expliqué, dans les années 1950, que Camp Century ne constituerait jamais un danger. Ce site nucléaire souterrain construit il y a une soixantaine d’année au cœur du Groenland, comme toutes les installations de cette époque, devait être profondément enfoui dans l’épais manteau de glace, parfois profond de près de deux kilomètres, recouvrant en permanence une partie de l’île.

India | Over 40.000 inhabitants of Narmada Valley in India are evicted after blocking the river with a dam

The concerned citizens and civil society groups across India, declare their support and solidarity with the struggle of the people of Narmada Valley and challenge the unlawful and unjust decision of the Government of India to close the Sardar Sarovar Dam gates and evict 40,000 families by force.

China | Downpours, floods wreak havoc in Chinese provinces

BEIJING – Heavy rains and ensuing floods since June 22 have affected more than 2 million people and left 13 people dead or missing in Zhejiang and Guizhou provinces, civil authorities said Tuesday.

China National Commission for Disaster Reduction and the Ministry of Civil Affairs have jointly issued grade-IV emergency responses and have sent teams to assist in disaster-hit areas.

China | Jiaolong plumbs deepest region of the ocean

The Jiaolong, China’s manned submersible, dived in the Mariana Trench on Tuesday, making the first of a series dives for the third stage of the country’s 38th oceanic expedition.

The craft reached a depth of 4.8 kilometers at 9:49 am and remained submerged for about nine hours in all, said Tang Jialing, the pilot of the Jiaolong.

Reconsider the impact of trees on water cycles and climate, scientists ask

Forests and trees play a major role on water cycles and cooler temperatures, contributing to food security and climate change adaptation. In recent decades, the climate change discourse has looked at forests and trees mostly as carbon stocks and carbon sinks, but now scientists are calling for more attention on the relation between trees and water in climate change.