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Emmanuel Macron et Notre-Dame : une décision, une ânerie

Il ne se passe donc pas une journée depuis l’incendie de Notre-Dame-de Paris sans que le Président de la République et son gouvernement ne nous gratifient d’annonces toutes plus absurdes ou scandaleuses les unes que les autres.

Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris devastated by fire

by Alex Lantier

On Monday evening, an intense fire devastated Notre-Dame cathedral, the most frequently visited monument in Paris, with 14 million annual visitors. The fire that broke out at about 6:50 p.m. (local time) in the wooden frame of the roof of the cathedral brought down the spire approximately one hour later, and then totally destroyed the roof. A tall column of thick, yellowish smoke that poured out of the cathedral, consumed by the flames, cast a pall over the city.

Greece | Athens Prepares to Host 10 Countries for ‘Forum of Ancient Civilizations’ on April 24

Greece’s foreign ministry will host an international Forum of Ancient Civilizations in Athens on April 24 (Monday) in a bid to promote cultural heritage and cooperation between the 10 participating countries, it was announced on Tuesday.

$75 million pledged to protect heritage sites in war zones

PARIS — World donors pledged more than $75 million Monday to an historic UNESCO-backed alliance to protect cultural heritage sites threatened by war and the wave of ideological-driven destruction carried out by Islamic State group militants.

French President Francois Hollande, speaking at a donors’ conference in Paris’ Louvre Museum, passionately called on more countries to contribute to the newly-created heritage alliance and help push it past its “ambitious” $100 million goal.