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USA | Censorship in the Digital Age

The grand experiment with western democracy, badly listing thanks to broadsides from profiteering oligarchs, may finally run ashore on the rocks of thought crime. In the uneven Steven Spielberg project Minority Report, starring excitable scientologist Tom Cruise, Cruise plays a futuristic policeman who investigates pre-crimes and stops them before they happen. The police owe their ability to see the criminal plots developing to characters called pre-cognitives, or pre-cogs, kind of autistic prophets who see the future and lie sleeping in sterile pools of water inside the police department. Of course, it turns out that precogs can pre-visualize different futures, a hastily hidden flaw that threatens to jeopardize the profits of the pre-crime project. Here is the crux of the story: thought control is driven by a profit motive at bottom. As it turns out, just like real life.

USA | Leaked Descriptions Of Infamous “Russia Ads” Derail Collusion Narrative “They Showed Support For Clinton”

That was quick.

Less than a week after Facebook agreed to turn over to Congressional investigators copies of the 3,000-odd political advertisements that the company said it had inadvertently sold to a Russia-linked group intent on meddling in the 2016 presidential election, the contents of the ads have – unsurprisingly – leaked, just as we had expected them to.

USA | Pavel Dourov sous la pression du FBI

Dans une interview accordée au magazine américain The Baffler en juin 2017, Pavel Dourov raconte comment, depuis 2014, le FBI cherche à entrer en contact avec lui et ses collègues afin d’obtenir des informations sur les utilisateurs de Telegram, l’application de messagerie sécurisée dont il est le créateur. Récit.

Germany | Bundestag beschließt Einsatz von Staatstrojanern und Online-Durchsuchung

Von Sven Heymanns
23. Juni 2017

Am Donnerstag hat der Bundestag mit großer Mehrheit den Einsatz von Staatstrojanern und der Online-Durchsuchung beschlossen. Mit der Entscheidung wird die Möglichkeit einer sicheren digitalen Kommunikation in Deutschland faktisch beseitigt.

USA | US Congress kills Internet privacy

On Tuesday, House Republicans voted to eliminate the Federal Communications Commission’s privacy rules for broadband internet providers, which will allow companies like Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon to collect and sell customers’ private information, including Social Security numbers, web browsing histories, the contents of emails and messages, health and financial data, and other personal information. The Senate already passed the measure, and President Donald Trump is expected to sign it into law.