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Ukraine | Bomb attack on communist party of Donetsk republic

Sept. 29: Disturbing news from Donetsk: a bomb exploded at the congress of the Communist Party of the Donetsk People’s Republic.

According to eyewitnesses, the explosive device was laid under the seats in the lobby of the premises where the Communist Party was meeting. It was a on a timer and went off at the moment when the council of party secretaries left the premises at the end of the congress.
At least three people were injured. Witnesses say executive secretary Irina Yakina received the most serious wounds.

Investigators are working at the site of the explosion.

Ukraine | Capt Paul Barril We know who killed Alexander Zakharchenko

French “Supercop” accuses the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine and their US instructors.

Earlier this year, noted French counter-terrorism and personal security expert Captain Paul Barril was invited to visit the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR). The intention of the planned visit was to consult with the DPR’s Prime-Minister, Alexander Zakharchenko, on issues of protection and personal security. However, before the two men could meet, Mr Zakharchenko was assassinated with a bomb in the Separ cafe in Donetsk.
In this interview Capt. Barril makes some shocking revelations about his murder (translated from the French):
INTERVIEWER: Many thanks, Captain Barril for this opportunity. Could you first tell us a few words about your important public service for the French Republic? You were one of the co-founders of GIGN (the elite counter-terrorism unit of the French National Gendarmerie)?
CAPTAIN BARRIL: Yes indeed, way back in the past, at the very beginning of it’s activity in the 1980s.
INT: You also worked for some French Presidents?
CB: Yes, I worked for President Giscard d’Estaing and President Mitterrand.
INT: This September you were going to meet Alexander Zakharchenko, the leader of the Donetsk People’s Republic, to share certain information with his protection service. Do you know (or have any idea) who killed him?!
CB: I know who killed Alexander Zakharchenko in Donetsk. This was done by the 3rd Special Operations Regiment of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine. Training was provided by US instructors at the Khmelnitsky Training Centre, one of their bases in Ukraine.
It is important to understand the context. Donbass is a very sensitive zone, where NATO in engaged in a proxy war against Russia. Ukraine serves as a NATO stooge, but Donetsk is on Russia’s side. The Head of the DPR (Donetsk People’s Republic) Alexander Zakharchenko was pro-Moscow and Putin’s close supporter. You need to know that since 2014 various western intelligence services have been operating in Donbass. In April 2014 the CIA chief John Brennan came to Kiev using a fictitious name to give instructions (for Euromaidan). And now they have CIA instructors over there, Canadians too. They undertake specific action to crush the Donetsk Republic.
INT: Thus, you claim, Canadians, Americans and British are connected with the Ukrainian secret services – with the SBU & Ukraine’s Military Intelligence?
CB: All forces that oppose Russia are now present in Ukraine. Actually, by committing the murder of the Donetsk leader they struck a painful blow to Russia, albeit not directly.
INT: How did they commit this murder?
CB: The murder was undertaken in the “Separ” cafe which is in a very well protected zone in the centre of Donetsk. They hid a tiny smart bomb above the entrance in the lobby, undetected by sniffer dogs. When the leader walked in, the bomb was activated from a long distance and exploded. The blast killed Alexander Zakharchenko and his bodyguard, critically injured a lady and left his deputy, Alexander Tashkent (who was a second target), badly burnt and shell-shocked.
INT: British and Americans, as a rule, use bombs to remove “objectionable” people?
CB: In recent history, during the war in Chechnya US instructors trained terrorists to mount explosives in lamp-post bases. They used the power supply network as an electro-detonator. When the Russian Army and tanks entered the road, the terrorists pushed the button. The explosions would strike Russian equipment and personnel within the radius of a few meters. That caught the Russians off-guard, because those hidden bombs are just not in Russia’s military “DNA”. But they are very much so in America’s.
The CIA and Green Berets have the world’s most advanced boobytraps, and the one in the “Separ” restaurant is a “signature” British or American job.
Even Gaddafi’s explosives’ specialists were trained and armed by former CIA operatives. They helped them to disguise booby traps as lamps, alarm clocks, vases, radios and even ashtrays. So, those who installed the bomb in Donetsk were US-trained, these smart bombs are their signature.
Americans and Brits favour bombs when they want to kill somebody. Obviously, in this case, they also used a local mole who helped the group which actually set the booby trap. So, while France is working within the Normandy Four contact group trying to bring about an end to the civil war in Ukraine, the Anglo-American Deep State foments a new war there.
INT: Can you provide more details? Did you get this intel from your sources at DGSE (the French external intelligence agency)?
CB: Details are secret, I have said all that I can. But I am still going to Donetsk, where I’ll meet the new Head of the Republic, Mr. Denis Pushilin. We will share all information with Denis Pushilin.
INT: Thank you very much for inviting us, Captain Barril.


Ukraine | The Head of the DPR Aleksandr Zakharchenko Was Assassinated in Central Donetsk

On August 31 during an explosion in the center of Donetsk the head of the Donetsk People’s Republic Aleksandr Zakharchenko received a fatal wound.

UK | UK communists express their solidarity with anti-fascists in Ukraine

A protest was held today in Whitehall, London opposite the prime minister’s residence in Downing Street in solidarity with anti-fascists in Ukraine, with the slogans: “Civilians in the Donbas still face daily gunfire, death, injury and blockade. Bring peace to Ukraine now!”
The protesters called for the British government to end its support for the fascist-infested government in Kiev, such as sending military personnel to train members of the Ukrainian army, including those currently engaged in the four year long conflict in Donbas.
The organisers, members of the New Communist Party of Britain, Socialist Fight, Posadists in Britain, and members of Solidarity with the Anti-Fascist Resistance in Ukraine, pointed out that residents of the anti-fascist Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics have been subjected to constant military attack and economic blockade since April 2014.
Despite the 2015 Minsk Agreements negotiated by the “Normandy Four”, Germany, Russia, Ukraine and France, which promised peace and semi-autonomous status for the Donbass republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, Kiev, egged on by Washington, has slammed the door on any peaceful outcome to the conflict.
The conflict continues day after day, month after month while the western media only reports from the Kiev side and is still recycling fake NATO claims – based on satellite images and photos from different regions and dates – of an alleged Russian invasion of Ukraine.
The protesters highlighted the role of the openly fascist Right Sector and the far-right, openly anti-semitic Svoboda Party in the February 2014 violent coup in Kiev, and said that the ‘Euromaidan’ protests received massive support from Washington and European leaders to the tune of billions of dollars.
The Right Sector is an openly Nazi organisation which displays the red and black flag of forces which collaborated with Nazi Germany in WW2 along with White Power and Hitler-loving images, and Svoboda has links with the British BNP and Hungarian nazi Jobbik Party.
Since 2014 trade union offices have been ransacked and burned, WW2 holocaust memorials have been repeatedly vandalised, the Communist Party of Ukraine (the largest opposition party) banned, communists, socialists, Jewish and gay people have been attacked, and members of the judiciary intimidated by fascist hooligans.
The war in the Donbas which began in 2014, in which 10-15,000 have been killed, mainly civilians, is still continuing and men, women and children in the Donbas are being killed or injured daily.
Dozens of neo-Nazi militias have been incorporated into the National Guard of Ukraine, including the Azov Battalion (pictured), whose symbol is clearly modelled on the WW2 Waffen-SS’s Wolfsangel logo.
This war in Ukraine has been all but blacked out in the western media, and in recent months the main source of news and comment from the Donbas itself, Donbass International News Agency, has been shut down on its website, facebook and twitter platforms, with visitors getting the message “Attackers might be trying to steal your information”.
The protestors defended Russia against being blamed for the war in Ukraine, and said that Russia’s humanitarian and economic support, including giving thousands of Donbas children breaks in holiday camps, had greatly aided the Donbas republics to survive four years of war and blockade.
The British government continues to support the illegal fascist-backed Poroshenko regime in Kiev, including sending military personnel to train Ukrainian armed forces troops. The protesters called on the British government to end all support for the current government in Kiev, and to back a peaceful, negotiated end the war in Ukraine.

Ukraine | Ukraine: Des safaris humains contre les civils du Donbass?

Comme dans un film d’horreur, l’on apprend que l’Ukraine organiserait des safaris humains pour riches occidentaux en mal de sensations fortes contre les civils du Donbass. Rien de personnel, c’est juste du business. Et comme la dépravation de l’homme ne connaît d’autre limite que sa mort, ce business peut être lucratif.

La République de Donetsk donne l’alerte, ou plutôt sonne le glas, comme le révèle en français le site Novorossia Today. Ainsi, le porte-parole, le capitaine D. Bessonov a déclaré aux journalistes:
début juin quatre personnes d’origine étrangère avaient payé les militaires ukrainiens pour pouvoir faire du « safari » en zone du conflit. Moyennant une certaine somme, ceux qui le souhaitent sont admis sur les positions ukrainiennes et peuvent faire de la « chasse » contre les civils
« Nos services de renseignement disposent des données fiables que ce genre de « safari » ont lieu chez les soudards des unités de la 30e brigade en zone de Mariinka et de la 93e brigade en zone de Dokoutchaïevsk. Le profit de ces « safari » va dans la poche de non seulement des militaire qui l’organisent, mais est aussi partagé entre les chefs des unités et de membres de l’état-major de l’OFU (NDT : Opération des Forces Unies dans le Donbass) », – a ajouté le capitaine Bessonov.
En plus des sources venant des services de renseignements, DNR a également recueilli des témoignages d’habitants. Des faits qui avaient déjà eu lieu en 2014, notamment confirmés par des déclarations dans les réseaux sociaux de riches “participants” occidentaux se vantant de partir dans le Donbass faire du tir contre les combattants.
La première réaction, saine et autoprotectrice, est le déni, le refus, le rejet. Comment peut-on organiser un business où la chasse à l’homme est le but? Ensuite, l’on se souvient que de tels crimes existent, de nos jours, en Afrique par exemple, où la chasse aux éléphants ne semble plus satisfaire les instincts meurtriers de riches dégénérés. Sans compter le récent scandale de l’Inde.
Ensuite, l’on se souvient que la guerre est toujours le lieu de business douteux, qui répond aux pires pulsions de nos cerveaux reptiliens, que la civilisation a parfois du mal à contenir. La pulsion de mort, la pulsion de meurtre fait partie de l’homme, qui normalement doit la contrôler. Ces guerres “hors règles” permettent à certains, en toute liberté, de laisser libre cours à ces pulsions. Dès le début du conflit, l’on a remarqué des annonces dans les réseaux sociaux proposant des “circuits touristiques” sur la ligne de front, évidemment sans aucune garantie de sécurité.
Ensuite, les enchères sont montées et l’Ukraine a proposé des circuits plus “intéressants” : les guerriers du dimanche aux poches bien remplies pouvaient tirer contre les positions des combattants. Les tarifs variaient selon qu’ils voulaient tirer depuis un tank, un lance-roquette ou autre chose. Tout est possible, ce n’est qu’une question de prix.
Mais ce n’est plus suffisant, les plus bas instincts peuvent être satisfaits en tirant sur des civils, qui ne peuvent se défendre. Et ce, dans les zones contrôlées par l’armée ukrainienne.
Pour qu’un homme se mette en chasse contre un autre homme, il faut qu’il puisse ne plus le considérer comme un homme, il faut qu’il puisse lui-même ne plus être un homme. Qu’il devienne un “surhomme”, détenant un pouvoir de vie et de mort sur les autres.
Les politiques ukrainiens déclarent souvent que les habitants du Donbass sont des “sous-hommes”, alors pourquoi ne pas les chasser contre argent comptant? La guerre peut aussi être un business rentable. Rien ne doit arrêter la liberté d’entreprendre.