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China | China blackmails the USA for Trump’s probable position in Taiwan question

By An Baijie and Chen Weihua

The Foreign Ministry urged US president-elect Donald Trump on Monday to act prudently on the Taiwan question to avoid «serious damage to the Sino-US relationship», after Trump once again publicly provoked China.

UK | US to sell arms to Taiwan despite Chinese opposition

The Obama administration has announced a $1.83bn (£1.22bn) arms sale to Taiwan in a deal that has antagonised China.

The US said the deal was consistent with its «long-standing policy on arms sales to Taiwan».

But China has said it is strongly opposed to the sale, and has pledged to sanction the US firms involved in it.

China | China and Taiwan leaders met first in history

Xinhua reports yesterday Xi-Ma meeting in Singapore hailed as «historic page» in cross-Strait relations:

«Today will be remembered in history,» Xi Jinping said in a meeting between leaders of the two sides of the Taiwan Strait, adding that the meeting has opened up «a historic page» in cross-Strait relations.