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Ukraine | The war party wants to deprive Donbass of civil rights

The Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Arsen Avakov, initiated a discussion on the settlement in the Donbass. Avakov is known for close cooperation with Ukrainian Nazis and is one of the leaders of the so-called war party – the most aggressive and uncompromising wing of Kiev regime.

Ukraine | Ukrainian men don’t want to fight against Donbas

About 10 thousand facts of desertion in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were recorded during the war in the Donbas. According to “Radio Liberty” it was reported by the head of the Military Service Law Enforcement Alexander Dublian.
In the same time the action group brought to the Donbas is numbered 60 thousand people.
Five mobilizations had been held for the Ukrainian army since the beginning of the war, and sixth campaign for conscription has been started recently. All five previous campaigns ended with underfullfiled plans to mobilize in the army. For example, in Bolgard district of Odessa region in the framework of the fourth wave only 3 people were mobilized instead of 70 according to plan.
The mobilization plan for the first phase of the 4th wave of mobilization in the Transcarpathian region was not fulfilled 26% for sergeants and 15% – for officers
Fifth mobilization plan was fullfiled only by 45%
Ukrainian reporters made a video how men evade mobilization