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USA | “Stop the war at home and abroad”: US antiwar activists discuss struggle for peace

On June 16-18 a coalition of various antiwar groups and movements held its annual conference in Richmond, Virginia. These groups are known as independent from both mainstream parties dominating in the US politics. It was that common ground which allowed them to form UNAC – the United National Antiwar coalition.

Ukraine | Ukrainian court convicted activist for five years due to his anti-war position

In Genichesk, Kherson region, the head of the SPAS party Eduard Kovalenko was sentenced to five years of imprisonment under Article 114-1 “Counteraction to the Armed Forces of Ukraine in a special period”, reports “17 news”.

Kovalenko is accused of putting up in 2014 against the war in the Donbass and trying to prevent the sending of troops to the zone of the so-called ATO.

Ukraine | “101LIFE” project has been launched by anti-war activists

101 children have been killed during a civil war in Ukraine. This number of innocent victims has inspired anti-war activists to give a name for new international campaign. These people, who describe themselves as “ordinary and common people”, call for the termination of the civil war in Ukraine.

India | International solidarity in India

Extreme poverty is typical for Mumbai industrial area. Millions of people fight everyday for surviving here. Maybe it was a reason for international labour activists to choose this Indian city as a place for world conference against war, exploitation and precarious labour. The conference was organized by Trade union solidarity committee, uniting numerous Indian trade unions of various regions and professions. More then three hundred delegates from all continents have visited the conference. They represented Australia, Latin America, USA, Europe, former Soviet Union republics, Africa, Asia, as well as India. Social activists from twenty eight countries arrived. Delegates from several countries were not able to take part in the event, so they sent their greetings, like those from Iceland, Pakistan, Bangladesh.

USA | Anti-War Movement Anticipates More War Under A Clinton Presidency

As the bizarre 2016 presidential election nears its end, activists in the United States are considering the prospects for war and peace under the next administration.

And with Hillary Clinton leading comfortably in most polls, the Democratic nominee’s militaristic record, as well as her promises to expand the use of force, are sparking concern.