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Ukraine | Nazis and anti-fascists in Kiev

On February 8 activists of the Nazi association “National Corps” detained two men in Kiev who distributed leaflets with calls to resist the Nazi occupation. This was reported by one of the active Kiev Nazis Sergei Filimonov on his facebook. The “National Corps” is the political wing of the regiment “Azov” and runs the newly created organization “National Squad”.
Filimonov published a video, which was later removed. On the video, several men bring two detainees to the ground, twist their arms, hit the face several times. Also, the nationalists demanded that the detainees “ask forgiveness from the Ukrainians.” One of the detainees stated that he was a communist. It was Alexandr Kononovich, one of the Ukrainian Young communist league leaders. The Nazis repeatedly beat him in recent years.
Kononovich and his friend handed out leaflets on behalf of the Anti-Fascist Committee of Ukraine. On the flyers was a photograph of the Young communist league member Vadim Papura from Odessa, who was brutally murdered in Odessa on May 2, 2014. That day a crowd of Nazis stormed the House of Trade Unions, and over forty anti-fascists were killed.

Expert to Deputies of the European Parliament: “Today’s Ukraine Is a Hotbed of Fascism”

Ukrainian political emigrant and communist activist Aleksey Alby spoke to the deputies of the European parliament. Former member of regional council in Odessa, he works now as a head of department of political research of the post-Soviet space of the Institute of innovative development in Russia. Ukrainian anti-fascists and communists for several times addressed their speeches to European MPs in the assembly, but Alby believes he was the first of them. He made a speech in European Parliament at the hearings from the faction of the United Left GUE/NGL (European United Left–Nordic Green Left) of Eleonora Forenza.

Spain | Barcelona es querella contra el militar que va firmar la pena de mort de Puig Antich

L’Ajuntament de Barcelona es querellarà contra Carlos Rey González, el militar que exercia funcions de jutge ponent del Consell de Guerra i que va signar la pena de mort de Salvador Puig Antich el 4 de gener de 1974. Segons el tinent d’alcalde de Drets de Ciutadania, Jaume Asens, l’assassinat de Puig Antich el va cometre el règim franquista, però “el règim sorgit de la transició l’ha mantingut impune fins ara”, i creu que ha arribat el moment de trencar aquesta “línia de continuïtat” que “ofèn”. Aquest dijous s’han complert 43 anys de l’assassinat.

Russia | The Relevance of Anti-fascism: Roundtable planned in St. Petersburg, Russia

On September 11, 2016 in St. Petersburg, at the initiative of the city branch of the United Communist Party (OKP), a roundtable discussion will be held on “The Relevance of Anti-fascism.”
The ultra-right in modern Russia, the former Soviet Union and the EU countries has acquired such a serious magnitude in recent decades that it has become impossible to ignore. Among young people, there is a growing fashion for neo-Nazism. Marginalized young men and women join the ranks of the right-wing subculture, which has a marked tendency to politicization. Mainstream political parties do not hesitate to use the ultra-right youths for their own interests.


Athens (Greece) from 9 to 12 October 2015, an international forum «European forum for Donbass» was held. It was dedicated to the support of the people of this region, the achievement of peace and the implementation of the Minsk Agreement. The forum founded up “International Anti-Fascist Committee». The purpose of the Forum is: to inform the European public about the events in the Donbas, holding solidarity actions with its people, providing humanitarian assistance. The objective of the Forum was also the creation of a Pan-European Anti-Fascist Organization, and in the future – the creation of the World Anti-Fascist Organization. Their interest in its creation proclaimed representatives of the countries of Asia, Africa and America.
Forum was held in the building of the Supreme administration of Greek civil servants trade unions. The room was small and was prepared only for delegates of the closed congress. About 40 delegates have visited the forum, but not all wanted to be photographed.