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Ukraine is armed with NATO weapons

Since US backed coup in Ukraine its new government has collaborated with the USA and other NATO members. The collaboration has been lasting for five years. Maidan coup has provoked a civil war in Ukraine that is why current Ukrainian authorities constantly need military help to fight against pro-Russian rebels. NATO countries give it up regularly. In April 2019 when civil war reached its fifth anniversary many countries from North Atlantic alliance demonstrated their support to Kiev government.

Ukraine | American Armor Arrived in Odessa

100 Humvee armored SUVs delivered to the port of Odessa on July 18.
US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey R. Pyatt wrote this on Twitter and published several photos.
According to him, delivery techniques are carried out in the framework of the agreements reached between the Government of Ukraine and the US State Department in March.
In the same day these Humvees were registered in Odessa under the banner of Ukrainian navy.
While this military help was delivered Ukrainian high technology in war industry dies. World known plant “Yuzhmash” is a bankrupt. Destroying its military production Ukraine will be totally dependent from the US military support in a shot time.