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US Airstrikes Killing Hundreds of Civilians in Syria’s Raqqa

Heavy US airstrikes in densely populated residential areas have, throughout the ISIS war, proven a recipe for massive civilian casualties. This is increasingly the prevailing theme in the ISIS capital of Raqqa, where US strikes are killing many hundreds of civilians.

The US Launched New Airstrikes Against Pro-Assad Forces In Syria

by Nancy A. Youssef, Mike Giglio

The US military launched airstrikes against pro-Assad forces in southern Syria on Thursday, three US defense officials confirmed to BuzzFeed News.

It marked the second time under the Trump administration that the US has struck out against President Bashar al-Assad’s forces with airstrikes and first in the apparent vicinity of US troops operating inside Syria.

UK | Air strike in Syria escalates tensions between the US and Russia

by Dave Sewell

A major US missile strike against the Russian-backed Syrian regime has brought the world’s biggest superpowers closer to military confrontation.

+100 casualties as US airstrikes obliterate mosque in northwestern Syria

By Chris Tomson
At least 57 Syrians were killed after an American airstrike struck a mosque in the rebel-held village of Al-Jinah on the provincial border between Idlib and Aleppo on Thursday evening. 90 more were injured and the death toll is expected to rise overnight, local activists said. Another report puts the death toll at around 75 already.
Although early reports blamed the Russian Air Force, photos from the site revealed that the missile was manufactured in the US, suggesting Washington was to blame for the massacre.
Some 300 people, mostly civilians, were present inside the Al-Jinah mosque as it was abruptly hit during prayer time by an airstrike, burying many beneath the rubble.

Israeli jets attacked Damascus

by Leith Fadel
 BEIRUT, LEBANON (1:35 A.M.) – The Israeli Air Force carried out a number of airstrikes over the Mezzeh Airbase in west Damascus tonight, destroying an ammunition depot while causing a series of explosions around this military installation.

According to Israeli media reports, the fighter jet that carried out this mission was an F-35; this is the first time that these Israelis have used this aircraft against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).