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Final statement of the first assembly of the North African Network for Food Sovereignty

The first assembly of the North African Network for Food Sovereignty took place on 7-9 December 2018 in Agadir, Morocco. It gathered delegations from Egyptian, Tunisian, Algerian and Moroccan trade unions, cooperatives and associations that are active in the fields of food sovereignty, the defence of agricultural workers and small fishermen, the conservation of indigenous seeds and the protection of water and land. The assembly also attracted dozens of local small peasants and agricultural workers. The delegation from Occupied Palestine was unfortunately unable to attend the gathering. One year after its establishment in Tunis in 2017, the network, through this general assembly, has been reinforced by the joining of several new associations and organisations.

USA | GMOs, Global Agribusiness And The Destruction of Choice

by Colin Todhunter

One of the myths perpetuated by the pro-GMO (genetically modified organisms) lobby is that critics of GMOs in agriculture are denying choice to farmers and have an ideological agenda. The narrative is that farmers should have access to a range of tools and technologies, including GM crops.

Even 8,000 years ago, a meal without wine was like a day without sunshine

Pliny the Elder knew that truth comes out in it. Aeschylus called it the mirror of the mind. Robert Louis Stevenson said it was bottled poetry. Mark Twain compared the books of great geniuses to it. It is no wonder that wine—which perfectly complements food, inhibits inhibitions, and alters perceptions—has been inseparable from civilization from time immemorial. But when, exactly, «immemorial» started is still being investigated.

Hunger, Foreign Debt and Uganda’s Fairytale Budgets

An abiding image of Uganda in April 2017 is of a group of elderly people squatting around an anthill, men and women, patting it with bunches of greenery to coax the termites out. They then pluck up the termites and eat them, not as the seasonal delicacy usually caught by young people on moonlit nights but as a primary source of nourishment.