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Declaration of the Organising Committee of the Internationalist Socialists of Algeria (COSI)

Ever since the beginning of the democratic and revolutionary mobilisation that emerged in Algeria on 22 February, the Organising Committee of the Internationalist Socialists of Algeria (COSI) has affirmed consistently that the answer to the aspiration of the entire Algerian nation to take its destiny into its own hands is to be found in the election of a Sovereign Constituent Assembly, the only means capable of establishing the form and content of what national sovereignty and democracy should be and the only means to etch in stone all democratic and workers’ rights.

Sudan military committed to ‘ensuring stability’ and ‘peaceful transition’ says senior diplomat, as UN rights chief appeals for protesters’ rights to be upheld

Sudan’s military has an “overarching duty” to refrain from using violence against protesters and ensure that their human rights are protected amid concerns of a further escalation, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet said on Friday.

Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir steps down from power

Government sources and a provincial minister have told the Reuters news agency that Sudan President Omar al-Bashir has stepped down from power and consultations are under way to form a transitional council.

Adel Mahjoub Hussein, the minister of production and economic resources in North Darfur, told Dubai-based al-Hadath TV that «there are consultations to form a military council to take over power after President Bashir stepped down».

France | Rwanda 1994 : Macron repousse encore la reconnaissance de l’implication française dans le génocide

Ce dimanche le Président français n’est pas intervenu pour reconnaître les responsabilités françaises dans le génocide des Tutsis du Rwanda, se contentant d’annoncer que le 7 avril serait désormais « une journée de commémoration » de ce génocide. Malgré l’ensemble des informations accumulées sur le sujet depuis 25 ans, il choisit d’attendre encore, en créant une commission d’historiens. Du point de vue de l’accès aux archives, celle-ci représente un recul par rapport à l’ouverture des archives promise par son prédécesseur, François Hollande. Elle donne également aux historiens un avantage sur les juges qui devraient être les premiers à en bénéficier. A Paris, des militants de Survie Paris ont rappelé cette complicité de la France avec les extrémistes hutus, par une action symbolique place de la République.

Zimbabwe: Cyclone Idai, Sanctions and Capitalism

by Mafa Kwanisai Mafa

About a month ago Zimbabwe, Malawi and Mozambique were devastated by a tropical cyclone that was described by the United Nations as one of the worst disasters ever to strike the Southern Hemisphere. Approximately 2.6 million people were affected in the three countries. Cyclone Idai hit the Mozambican port city of Beira with winds up to 170km/ph. It then proceeded inland into Zimbabwe and Malawi, flattening buildings and taking more than 1,000 people, with many others unaccounted for across the three countries. Torrential rainfall washed away road networks in Zimbabwe.