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“The conflict in Western Sahara is the last case of decolonization in Africa”: Malainin Lakhal

by Milena Rampoldi

In the following an important interview with the Saharawi journalist and political activist Malainin Lakhal. We talked about his biography, his fight for the Western Sahara, about Moroccan colonialism, and about the important of poetry and political struggle for the forgotten Saharawi people living in the last colony in Africa.

The last colony in Africa: Western Sahara

Interview with Malainin Lakhal

Malainin Lakhal is a 45 years old Saharawi translator, human rights defender and freelance journalist. He is a member of Saharawi Natural Resource Watch.

Morocco continues the arbitrary expulsion of international observers from Western Sahara

Throughout 2016, Adala UK recorded 85 cases of arbitrary expulsion of international observers (including human rights defenders and journalists) from Western Sahara by Morocco. They were accused of ‘disturbing public order’ for their attempts to observe the situation regarding human rights.

Western Sahara: EU should ensure militants of human rights access to occupied territories

October 18, 2016 -The European Union (EU) should ensure human rights’ militants supporting Sahrawi people access to occupied territories in Western Sahara, Euro-MP Paloma Lopez, who questioned High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini about the measures taken in this regard.

Polisario Calls on UN to safeguard Western Sahara ceasefire in response to Moroccan violations

24 August 2016 –The Frente POLISARIO has called for urgent UN action to uphold the ceasefire agreement between the POLISARIO and Morocco in response to ongoing Moroccan violations of the 1991 deal. Since 11 August, Moroccan occupation forces in Western Sahara have repeatedly crossed the Moroccan military wall in the Al Guargarat zone in defiance of military agreement No. 1 of the ceasefire, which prohibits any work or deployment in a 5km strip along the wall.