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McDonald’s becomes feminist too

by Fausto Giudice

McDonald’s, the global junk food chain, on this March 8, has flipped its logo upside down, turning its “M” into a “W” for Women, featuring as one of its stars Patricia Williams, a successful black woman, who owns 18 franchises of the burger brand. By targeting black single mothers, McDonald’s strikes at the core : they are probably its best clients in the US. As they are the ones most affected by the scourge of hamburger eating: obesity. And no new sauce will change it. The feminization of capitalist horror is now a growing trend, from the G20, which created the W20, to the WTO, which created “She trades”, the global network of women entrepreneurs, through various multinational brands, such as Microsoft and Apple, very present in the latest gay prides. All that remains to be done for the CIA and NATO is to follow suit, becoming WIA and WATO. We’re living fascinating times.

USA | The Untold Story of How Immigrants Turned the Wobblies into a Global Force

Declaring, “an injury to one is an injury to all,” the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) upended and forever changed the labor movement a little over a century ago. The Wobblies’ commitment to organizing workers on an industry-wide basis, their cynicism about legislative action and electoral politics, their aversion to signed contracts and their preference for sudden strikes remain fascinating subjects for labor studies. Their multiculturalism, anti-racism and pioneering bohemian approach to God, country and sex remain a rich vein to be mined for cultural studies.

France | Odessa va devenir Hadzhibey

La Verkhovna Rada a approuvé l’initiative de Saakachvili de renommer Odessa en Hadzhibey. Cette initiative a été soutenue par le Comité Verkhovna Rada au State Building, la politique régionale et de l’ autonomie locale
l’adjoint Verkhovna Rada Vasyl Horbal a dit que la Verkhovna Rada a soutenu l’initiative du gouverneur de la région d’ Odessa en ce qui concerne la manière dont Mikhail Saakashvili sohaite renommer Odessa.
Ce député a écrit sur sa page sur « Facebook ».
» Comme je l’ ai dit MP Serhiy Larin, la Verkhovna Rada Comité sur le renforcement de l’ Etat, la politique régionale et de l’ autonomie locale a appuyé l’initiative du gouverneur de la région d’ Odessa et leader du « Mouvement pour la purification vers le retour d’ Odessa au nom historique de Saakachvili Hadzhibey « , – dit le message.

Passport millionaires ‘living’ in modesty in Malta

A number of millionaires who have applied for Maltese citizenship under the cash-for-passports scheme appear to be living in modest flats in areas like Birżebbuġa, Mellieħa, St Paul’s Bay and Mġarr.

More doubts were raised on whether these millionaire citizens are actually living in Malta after the Panama Papers showed that Panama law firm Mossack Fonseca actively touted the cash-for-passport scheme’s law easy residence requirements.

USA | Over Half of Americans Now in Favor of Recreational Cannabis

Claire Bernish
March 18, 2016

 (ANTIMEDIA) It’s official: more Americans now support the legal, recreational use of cannabis than those who feel prohibition should continue. In fact, 52 percent of people are in favor of the legalization of marijuana for “recreational” purposes — and fully 68 percent are in favor of legalization for medical use.

Performed by Vox in conjunction with Morning Consult, the poll marks a noteworthy shift away from the government’s War on Drugs and marijuana prohibition — largely considered a failed venture by experts, advocates, and observers.