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South Africa | South Africa Searches for a “Financial Parachute”, A $170 Billion Foreign Debt Cliff Looms. IMF “Economic Medicine”

by Prof. Patrick Bond

Johannesburg – This week’s hush-hush visit by International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde to Pretoria (between stops in Ghana and Angola) is mysterious. In contrast to last week’s IMF press briefing claim – “Madame Lagarde will hold meetings with the authorities, as well as fairly extensive meetings with the private sector, civil society, academia, women leaders, and of course the media” – there’s a complete information void here, with no public events scheduled.

South Africa | BRICS Summit Held in South Africa While U.S. Trade War Escalates

By Abayomi Azikiwe

Republic of South Africa President Cyril Ramaphosa hosted the 10th BRICS Summit where strong opposition to the burgeoning trade and currency wars initiated by the United States administration of President Donald Trump was assailed.


by Ellen Isaacs

As we reflect on the latest brutality against protestors in Gaza and the struggle to end the outrageous Israeli occupation of Palestine and oppression of Israeli Palestinians, it is important to formulate a goal for what we would hope to attain. This goal does not have to be achievable in the near future or even near distant future, but it provides a framework that defines what immediate struggles are engaged in and whom is declared to be an ally or an enemy. In fact, it is unlikey that this conflict will be settled between Israelis and Palestinians in isolation, as the whole region will probably be engaged in larger conflict between Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel, the US and Russia long before that happens. However, it is to be hoped that there would be, at some time, an entity that could be Palestine/Israel, or perhaps some larger regional entity, that would provide for equality, opportunity and freedom for all who live there. Then I know that organizing in the present must strive to be multiracial, multinational, and to be led by rank and file people, as opposed to economic moguls, politicians or religious leaders.

South Africa | SAFTU-led General Strike Commences in South Afrika

A planned general strike by the South African Federation of Trade Unions (SAFTU) and allies has begun, and by all accounts, it has the makings of a seismic blow to the moribund political establishment in South Afrika that has plagued the people with austerity, corruption and wage cuts, while bowing to white monopoly capital and neo-liberal pressure. Workers throughout the country have answered the call by joining in actions against the state, leading a devastating shutdown that has now affected a significant portion of the country’s economy. Nico Vermeulen, the director of the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers in South Africa (NAAMSA), has affirmed that almost all of the country’s car manufacturers have succumbed to the shutdown. With international brands among those affected (Toyota, Ford, BMW, etc.) the imperial bourgeoisie is also feeling the effects of South Afrikan class struggle. Beyond car manufacturers, the National Employers Association of South Africa (NEASA) has reported that, in a survey of over 350 businesses, 35% of companies were affected, and 8% were experiencing a complete shutdown.[1]

South Africa | SOUTH AFRICA: The Butcher of Marikana Becomes President

Cyril Ramaphosa being sworn in as new president

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