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USA | Putin is brazenly trying to make himself president for life

By Editorial Board


RUSSIANS AND foreign observers have long speculated about how Vladi¬mir Putin would retain power when his term-limited mandate as president ended in 2024. On Tuesday, Mr. Putin abruptly provided an answer: Constitutional amendments already in the works will now include a provision allowing him to serve two more terms. That could extend his time in office to 2036, when he will be 83. In theory, he could rule Russia for 36 years, more than a decade longer than Joseph Stalin.

“Truth ultimately is all we have:” Julian Assange appeals for public support

By Oscar Grenfell

In his first publicly-released comments to supporters since his arrest, WikiLeaks founder and publisher Julian Assange has detailed the repressive conditions he faces in Britain’s Belmarsh prison and called for a campaign against his threatened extradition to the United States.

Ukraine | Shocking Analysis from the Prosecutor General Office: Poroshenko and all who fought there will answer for Donbass

This report – in Russian as well as English – is on the Ukraine Prosecutor’s judgement that the army in Donbass is acting illegally. It is very important, not just for Ukraine but also because it means the West has been supporting war crimes for the last six years. It is one of the Western narratives that is starting to unravel.

Ukraine | Facebook’s new public policy manager for Ukraine is a nationalist hawk who volunteered with fascist party during US-backed coup

by Ben Norton

Facebook’s new public policy manager for Ukraine Kateryna Kruk is a former government official, diehard nationalist, and anti-Russian jingoist who volunteered with the extreme-right party Svoboda during the 2014 US-backed coup.

By Ben Norton

Brazil | Resisting Bolsonaro in Brazil: one million people strike to defend education


More than one million people took to the streets of Brazil on 15 May 2019 in nationwide strikes opposing the government’s massive attacks on education. Brazil’s far right President Jair Bolsonaro has been in office for less than five months and is already facing large resistance to his ultra neo-liberal agenda – and it is teachers and students that are leading the way.