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Ukraine | Chronicle of repression in South Ukraine

Although the acute phase of the political conflict in Ukraine has passed, political repression continues on the territory controlled by Kiev regime. Intelligence agencies carry out arrests and actions of intimidation of disloyal citizens bringing fantastic charges against them.

Venezuela | Exiled Venezuelan Colonel Arrested In Daring Cross-border Mission

by Tyler Durden

In what appears a wild and bizarre attempt to kick start an “arm the moderate rebels” campaign or establish a “Free Venezuelan Army” of sorts, a rogue Venezuelan colonel who’d been living in exile was arrested after he slipped back into the country as part of a clandestine operation to organize and arm the opposition. The arrest and detention of 54-year old retired Colonel Oswaldo Garcia Palomo was confirmed by his associates on Tuesday, and came after the former National Guard officer tipped off Bloomberg that some kind of secret mission was in the works last week with the cryptic words, “Pay attention to me in the coming days.”

Ukraine | Human rights in Ukraine: general review

Human Right Watch has issued its annual report on human rights in the world.

The armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine between the Ukrainian government and Russia-backed armed groups entered its fifth year. “Total impunity for conflict-related abuses persisted in 2018. The government took further steps to restrict freedom of expression and association.” Violence by radical groups promoting hatred put ethnic minorities, LGBT people, activists, and journalists at risk, report ads.

USA | U.S. Labor Against the War

Statement on U.S. Intervention in Venezuela

January 27, 2019

“Hands Off Venezuela”

U.S. Labor Against the War opposes the Trump Administration intervention in the internal affairs of Venezuela.

Ukraine | L’OSCE ressort le plan « casques bleus », sabotant ainsi Minsk-2

Le 24 janvier 2019, Martin Sajdik, représentant spécial de l’OSCE au sein des groupes de contact à Minsk, a proposé d’envoyer des casques bleus dans le Donbass et d’installer une administration temporaire de l’ONU dans la région, provoquant l’ire des Républiques Populaires de Donetsk et de Lougansk (RPD et RPL) et la perplexité parmi les analystes russes.