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France | We are not fooled Over 20,000 artist and creators sign a call in support of Yellow Vests in France

On May 10, over 20,000 artists and creators had already signed this call, launched on May 4 

For several months now, the Yellow Vest movement, unprecedented in the history of the Fifth Republic, has been beating the pavement of our streets.

Ukraine | Résolution du Forum antifasciste international à Donetsk dans le Donbass

Danielle Bleitrach

Nos camarades du Donbass nous ont envoyé cet appel et invité au forum antifasciste international qu’ils organisent à Donetsk le 10 mai, en nous demandant de le traduire en français. Voilà qui est fait grâce à Stephen Chalk qui l’a traduit de l’anglais. De tout cœur avec vous mes chers camarades. Je n’ai pas très bien compris s’il fallait le signer ou seulement les participants, je ne peux pas m’y rendre mais je signe sans problème et je suis sûre que nombreux seront les Français qui en feront autant

Ukraine | Regime of Poroshenko attacks Workers Newspaper

The Rabochaya Gazeta (Workers Newspaper) received a notice from the Kiev Administrative Court informing that the Security Service of Ukraine lodged a lawsuit to ban the newspaper that advocates for the rights and freedoms of the working people, for freeing him from the oppression of international capital and homegrown Nazi oligarchs.. This lawsuit is based on the results of the “analysis” of the May 2018 searches in the office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine and in the house of Petro Simonenko.
This lawsuit is based on false facts, falsifications, cynical forgery, manipulation of terms and concepts. E.g. according to the poppet SSU linguists the term “struggle” equals armed seizure of power! But what about the struggle for human rights, the struggle for the right to work, to rest, to a decent salary?
During an illegal search in the office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine in 2108, the police officers planted stickers on which supposedly the Communists called on Victory Day to take up arms. These stickers served as the basis for identifying the term “struggle” used in the speeches of Communist Party leader Petro Symonenko published on the pages of Rabochaya Gazeta as a call for an armed overthrow of the regime.
But a cherry on the cake is the controversy of dates on the postmark and in the outgoing document. On the postmark the date of dispatch is April 16, 2019, and the outgoing document enclosed in this envelope is dated by April 18!!!
The Communist Party condemns the blatant violation of the rights and freedoms of citizens of Ukraine by the Poroshenko regime and expresses the hope that common sense will triumph and the judges will accept decision based on general democratic principles and the inalienable human right to freedom of conscience and speech.
For your information first issue of the “Rabochaya Gazeta” as the newspaper of the Kiev group of social democrats was released in Kiev on August 22 (September 3), No. 2 in December 1897 (marked November).
In the first issue of the the newspaper calls for political struggle, for the conquest of political freedom, for the creation of a unified Social Democratic party were published. The newspaper placed articles about the economic and political struggle of the proletariat in the largest industrial centers (St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kharkov, Kiev, Riga and Yekaterinoslav) analyzing the most important events of social and political life.
Third issue of the “RG” was supposed to be issued in Yekaterinoslav just after the I Congress of the RSDLP. However, because of the the police attacks in March 1898 the newspaper ceased to exist. Materials prepared for No. 3 were captured by the police.
The attempt to resume the publication of the “RG” was made in 1899. However, this was not possible.
The publication of the newspaper existing to this day was started January 1, 1957 in Ukrainian and Russian. In the last decade, the daily subscription of the newspaper reached about 600,000 copies.
Today, the “RG” is a social and political mass media protecting the interests and rights of the working people and pensioners. The main topics of the “RG” are: timely payment of wages and pensions, safety issues at work, raider seizures of enterprises, problems of modern medicine, especially in villages where people have to get around 30 km or more to get qualified medical care, problems with the closure of schools and vocational schools. The issues of corruption, housing and communal services, culture as well as the national economy are also covered.
Communist Party of Ukraine
Central Committee
Department for the International Relations

Ukraine | Ukrainian fascist against Czech journalist

On May 2, 2019, Ukrainian fascists prevented the work of a Czech journalist. Robert Žák, a journalist for the Raptor TV channel, came to Odessa that day to make a report on the mourning event on the fifth anniversary of the May massacre. The journalist conducted a live broadcast from Kulikovo Field Square, where thousands of Odessa residents came to commemorate the victims of the Ukrainian fascists.

Ukraine | Ukraine Will Become a Parliamentary Republic

April 17

A political show is moving on in Ukraine. The second round of election is not something unexpected as none of the 39 candidates had a chance to obtain more than 50 per cent of the total votes cast. Following the results of the vote, Volodymyr Zelensky, a comic and a new figure in politics, is leading. He obtained 30.24% of the votes. This is certainly a resounding success, but not a complete victory. Volodymyr Zelensky has no adequate team behind him. Up to now, it consisted mainly of his colleagues involved in television media. However, this may be just a facade, only the tip of an iceberg. And in truth, Volodymyr Zelensky answers to more influential people than, for instance, Ihor Kolomoyskyi, who president Petro Poroshenko believes to be the main puppet master of his competitor.