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Montenegro Police Seek to Identify US Embassy Attacker

Montenegrin media reported that a 42-year-old war veteran from the capital Podgorica carried out Wednesday’s grenade attack on the US embassy, although police have yet to confirm this.

Local media on Thursday named the alleged attacker as Dalibor Jaukovic from Podgorica, a war veteran who fought with Yugoslav Army forces in Kosovo in 1999, citing unnamed police sources and Jaukovic’s family.

Montenegro MPs Back NATO Treaty Despite Protests

Eleven years after it gained independence, Montenegrin MPs voted to join the Western military alliance – much to the outrage of the large Serbian community in the country may of whose members demonstrated outside the assembly.

Members of Montenegro’s parliament on Friday ratified the country’s NATO membership treaty while thousands protested outside the old royal palace in the town of Cetinje where the ceremonial session took place.

Russian Billionaire Sues Montenegro Over Lost Investment

by Dusica Tomovic

Oleg Deripaska, owner of the Central European Aluminum Company, is personally suing Montenegro for the loss of his investment in the troubled KAP aluminum plant.

Russian tycoon Oleg Deripaska, owner of the Central European Aluminum Company, CEAC, is suing Montenegro for “hundreds of millions of euros” over the failure of its plant in the capital, Podgorica, the firm said on Wednesday.
CEAC, a Cyprus-based major shareholder and one of the largest creditors of the Kombinat Aluminijuma Podgorica, KAP, has been informed by its parent company En+ Group that its president, Deripaska, has personally served a Notice of Arbitration against the state of Montenegro, claiming unlawful expropriation of his investment and related treaty breaches.
“Deripaska will be seeking redress in the hundreds of millions of euros,” the company said in a statement sent to BIRN on Wednesday.
The statement said the dispute arises from “Montenegro’s unlawful expropriation of Deripaska’s investment in KAP”, formerly Montenegro’s largest industrial concern which once contributed some 51 per cent of the country’s exports and about 15 per cent of its GDP.

The Movement for Neutrality of Montenegro

an Interview with Prof. Filip Kovačević

Prof. dr Filip Kovačević is the chairman of the Movement for Neutrality of Montenegro (MNMNE), a civic organization that opposes the membership of Montenegro in military alliances, either in NATO (currently the policy of the Montenegrin government) or in the Russian-dominated block. Filip is on leave as associate professor at the University of Montenegro and now teaches at the University of San Francisco as adjunct professor. He is an expert on critical theory and geopolitics. This interview was conducted by Vladimir Unkovski-Korica (VUK), member of the Serbian group Marks21, and a historian and lecturer at the University of Glasgow.

Montenegro PM Accuses Opposition Over ‘Plot to Kill Him’

by Dusica Tomovic

Montenegrin Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic told Pink M television on Wednesday that the main opposition pro-Russian Democratic Front was “part of the plot” to seize parliament and murder him after last month’s elections,

“I see their activity as participation in the preparation of my murder and to take away the independence of Montenegro. With that we will have to live, both them and I,” Djukanovic told Montenegrin branch of Serbia’s Pink TV, which is considered closed to the ruling parties in both Serbia in Montenegro.