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UN Envoy Hopeful on Macedonia ‘Name’ Agreement

The UN mediator in the Macedonia-Greece “name” dispute has told journalists following fresh talks between the two sides in New York that he believes the dispute could be solved within the next six months. He added that he “truly” believes both governments have genuine intentions to solve it.

Macedonian violence elicits diverging international response

By Konstantin Testorides and Elena Becatoros

Macedonia’s night of violence that saw protesters storm parliament and attack lawmakers elicited diametrically opposed reactions from world powers Friday, with Russia blaming the West for meddling in the Balkan nation’s internal affairs and the European Union and United States saying the events were inconsistent with democracy.

USA | US ‘Democracy Promotion Activities’ in Balkan States

US Senators send letter to US Secretary of State demanding investigation into US ‘democracy promotion activities’ in Balkan region.

Balkanist has obtained a letter sent from six US Senators to US Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson on March 14 demanding an immediate worldwide investigation into all US democracy promotion activities. Macedonia and Albania are discussed as two timely examples of countries supposedly harmed by the US’s policies and the allocation of foreign aid. The Senators are disturbed with the fact that main contributers in both countries were left forces.

Stop prosecuting protesters in Macedonia!

Zdravko Saveski and Vladimir Kunovski, longtime activists and members of Levica, the recently-formed left-wing party in the Republic of Macedonia, have been kept in house arrest for over a month now. Recently, their detentions have been extended for additional 30 days.

Macedonia Speaker Confirms June 5 Election

Speaker of Makedonia parliament officially sets date for early general elections on June 5, despite opposition warnings that they will not participate in any elections as matters stand.

Speaker of parliament Trajko Veljanoski on Friday signed papers calling early general elections in Macedonia on June 5 – after opposition parties led by the Social Democrats, SDSM, said they would not participate.