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Lessons of the Miners’ Strike of the Karaganda Region

Kazakh miners’ action against ArcelorMittal Temirtau (AMT) will be an example of active protection of their labor interests for all workers of Kazakhstan.

At the same time, for a number of reasons, it was not possible to achieve a complete victory. We consider it necessary to consider these reasons in more detail. ArcelorMittal is a very serious opponent; it is a supporter of strict control over costs and has already faced strikes of its employees in Poland, the Czech Republic and Ukraine. It will not be frightened by losses from a four-day strike by a small part of its workers. Only the threat of serious losses from a large-scale and long-term strike will force it to make concessions.

Wave of repression against workers leaders’ in Kazakhstan

The government of Kazakhstan launched a campaign of repression against trade unionists in recent months.

At the beginning of January the government and bosses of the OCC oil company attempted to quash an oil workers’ protest.

The chair of the workers’ union Amin Yeleusinov and labour inspector Nurbek Kushakbayev were arrested on 20 January.

Kazakhstan: Striking Workers Made to Pay Damages for Not Eating

A court in western Kazakhstan has ordered oil workers who went on a hunger strike as part of a labor dispute to pay 3.4 million tenge ($10,000) in compensation for damages purportedly incurred by their refusal to eat.

Mangystau district court in the city of Aktau on January 24 found that the 28 laborers had caused their employer, Oil Construction Company, or OCC, financial losses, despite the fact that they continued to work for the duration of their protest.