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Spain | Thousands Catalans staged a general strike in protest against Spanish police violence

Large numbers of Catalans have staged a general strike in protest against police violence at a banned weekend referendum. Flights and train services could be disrupted together with port operations as a result of the stoppage.

The move comes to condemn the police response to the plebiscite, in which more than 90 percent of voters backed the region’s independence from Spain.

Spain | Who’s the Dictator Now?

Nicolas Maduro, Jeremy Corbyn, Alexandar Vuchich and Julian Assange have condemned the Spanish government.

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro has attacked the Spanish prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, for the violent crackdown on the banned Independence referendum in Catalonia.

Spain | Referendum in Catalonia has finished

Some 761 people have been injured in disturbances across Catalonia on Sunday, the regional government said, as riot police clashed with people who had gathered for a banned referendum on the region’s independence from Spain. Despite the police action, hundreds-strong queues of people formed in cities and villages throughout the region to cast their ballots.

Spain | Catalan independence: democratic background

A threat of civil conflict and war has arisen last weeks in Catalonia after central government decision to derail the vote for independence of Spain region. Many groups and parties are looking at referendum and discuss its legitimacy and probable impacts.

Here is a statement of the group belong to the heirs of the Forth International. It is intersting by the stress on various democratic aspects of the Catalan struggle for independence.

Spain | Spanish Officials Declare Catalonia Referendum ‘Discredited’


Two senior Spanish officials quoted anonymously in the media have declared the planned October 1 referendum in Catalonia totally discredited, saying it is “game over” and no one will take the vote seriously anyhow.