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Italy | Amazon worker bracelets never in Italy?

February 2 – Industry Minister Carlo Calenda on Friday ruled out the prospect of worker bracelets being used in Italy after reports Amazon was planning to bring them in to keep tabs on warehouse staff and optimise their performance, sparking a huge furore. “I told them that the only bracelets we made in this country are the ones our jewellers produce,” Calenda said after meeting a delegation from the online retail giant. “I explained to them, and they understood, that a thing like this, which has been patented in Italy, will never happen”. Premier Paolo Gentiloni and European Parliament President Antonio Tajani are among those to have expressed concern about the worker-bracelet hypothesis. Amazon’s Italian workers are already up in arms about conditions and struck on Black Friday.

Italy | Anti-communist regime in Kiev demands Italian communists to be arrested

After a recent visit by Italian Communists to the Donbas region of Ukraine president Poroshenko spokesperson said Kiev authorities will seek arrest of Italian MP and others on the tour of Donbas and will request European Union authorities to extradite them to Kiev for prosecution under Ukrainian anti-terrorist laws. About 50 Italian Communists visited Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republic in Eastern Ukraine early in May. Italian MEP Eleonora Forenza was a part of a delegation of the Communist group. She is an Italian politician, spokesperson for culture and communications in the Communist Refoundation Party and a member of the European Parliament. Communist musicians from Banda Bassotti group also joined the delegation. The Italian voyage was named Antifascist caravan.

Italy | ‘Anti-fascism is a duty’: European parliament member joins Donbass Caravan

by Greg Butterfield

Eleonora Forenza is a member of the European Parliament and the Communist Refoundation Party of Italy. In May 2017 she will accompany the 3rd Antifascist Caravan to Donbass, organized by the revolutionary musical group Banda Bassotti. The European-wide caravan promotes solidarity with the people of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, which broke away from Ukraine after a U.S.-backed far right coup in 2014. Ukraine’s war against the republics has continued for more than three years.

Italy | Parti communiste italien : l’UE n’est pas une solution, mais un problème pour les travailleurs

par Marianne Dunlop

Nos amis ont participé samedi 25 février à Rome à une Conférence Internationale sur le thème : « Les communistes et l’union européenne – pour une critique radicale de la politique libérale et pour l’unité supranationale de la lutte communiste ».

Italy | Italian activists are preparing a new Antifascist Caravan to Donbas

David Cacchione, Italian activist: We are preparing a new Antifascist Caravan in support of Donbass

From the very beginning of the Maidan and the tragedy at the House of Trade Unions in Odessa, we have tried in every way to support the antifascists of Donbass.

 Theaters, concerts, interviews, debates: Everywhere, we talk about the mass killings of civilians, bombs that fall every day and violate the Minsk agreement. We declare the OSCE observers as “deliberately ignorant” as the governments which pay them. Europe disregards the facts, European governments finance the Nazi government in Kiev, and the war continues.
Along with many of our comrades and together with the USB (Unione Sindacale di Base) we are preparing an Antifascist Caravan which is scheduled to arrive in Donbass on May 1, 2017, to help, to show once again who are the antifascists of Europe, the union workers who will never abandon the people of Donbass.
No pasaran!
David Cacchione is a member of the musical group Banda Bassotti.