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Burkina Faso president ‘back in charge’ after coup

Burkina Faso’s interim President Michel Kafando, who was taken hostage during a coup a week ago, said he was back in power and had restored a civilian transitional government.

«I have returned to work,» he said in a brief speech to journalists at the foreign ministry in the capital on Wednesday. «The transition is back and at this very minute is exercising the power of the state.»

Military coup in Burkina Faso has not finished yet

People’s protest was supported by troops loyal to deposed government, and several African presidents forced coup’s leader to proclaim return to a civil rule. But conspirators control president’s palace.

As Al Jazeera reports Burkina Faso’s coup leader says he will abide by a deal reached with top African mediators, but warned his men would defend themselves if attacked after the army entered the capital.

Soldiers detain Burkina Faso interim leaders

16 Sep 2015

Detention of president, prime minister and cabinet members raises fears of coup before elections.

Soldiers have detained Burkina Faso’s transitional president, prime minister and an unknown number of cabinet members, raising fears of a coup.