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Ukraine | European MEPs Will Address the Problem of Neo-Fascism in Ukraine

A group of Deputies in the European Parliament (EP) are creating a special format of a working group for discussion about the problem of the spreading neo-fascist moods in Ukraine. On September 27th the first hearing on this topic will take place. The organizers, who consider it to be important to show “an objective picture of what is going on in the country”, reported to “Izvestiya”. All Deputies of the EP are invited to the meeting. Guests from the Ukrainian side are also expected.

Greece | Large anti-NATO rally to be held in Thessaloniki, Greece on June 24th

ithin the framework of the Two-day Balkan Anti-War and Anti-Imperialist Action of Trade Unions, which will take place in Thessaloniki on 24-25 June 2017, the All-Workers Militant Front (PAME) calls for mass participation in a large anti-imperialist, anti-NATO rally that will be held in Greece’s second largest city on Saturday 24th June. Numerous labor centers, workers’ unions and branch trade unions from all over the country will gather in Thessaloniki, in order to participate in a demonstration outside the city’s NATO headquarters (NRDC-GR) on the 24th of June.
In a statement, PAME points out that “the people have not any (common) interest with their exploitants, neither in peace nor in their wars. We rise the flag of the workers’ interests! We have nothing to divide with the working class of other countries, with the other people. On the contrary, the common interest of the struggle for a life without exploitation and poverty, without bosses, with the people ripping the wealth they produce, unites us. This is the life that belong to us!”.
On Sunday 25th June, the Labour Center of Thessaloniki will host a meeting of Trade & Workers Unions from the Balkans and countries of the broader region. Among the confirmed participants are: Unione Sindicale di Base (USB-Italy), Pancyprian Federation of Labour (Cyprus), Cyprus Turkish Secondary Education Teacher’s Union (KTOEOS-Cyprus), Workers Union Coalition (Palestine), Nakliyat-Is (Turkey), Turkey’s Hotel Restaurant and Entertainment Workers Trade Union (TOLEYIS).

Greece | Greece: Trade Unions Announced 24-Hour General Strike on May 17

The General Confederation of Employees of Greece (GSEE) and the civil servants’ union federation ADEDY — between them representing the majority of Greece’s unionized workers — reached a joint decision to hold a 24-hour general strike on May 17.
The decision was made at a meeting held at GSEE’s headquarters, with ADEDY and other social organizations.

USA | US anti-war activists address a letter to the president of Ukraine

Odessa Solidarity Campaign have written a letter calling on Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to release all political prisoners and end the repression in Odessa directed against the relatives of those who died on May 2, 2014, at the House of Trade Unions. This letter will be delivered on April 10 to Ukrainian embassies and consulates in 19 cities in 12 countries. They expect to deliver the letter to the embassies and consulates both in English and Ukrainian language.

Italy | Italian activists are preparing a new Antifascist Caravan to Donbas

David Cacchione, Italian activist: We are preparing a new Antifascist Caravan in support of Donbass

From the very beginning of the Maidan and the tragedy at the House of Trade Unions in Odessa, we have tried in every way to support the antifascists of Donbass.

 Theaters, concerts, interviews, debates: Everywhere, we talk about the mass killings of civilians, bombs that fall every day and violate the Minsk agreement. We declare the OSCE observers as “deliberately ignorant” as the governments which pay them. Europe disregards the facts, European governments finance the Nazi government in Kiev, and the war continues.
Along with many of our comrades and together with the USB (Unione Sindacale di Base) we are preparing an Antifascist Caravan which is scheduled to arrive in Donbass on May 1, 2017, to help, to show once again who are the antifascists of Europe, the union workers who will never abandon the people of Donbass.
No pasaran!
David Cacchione is a member of the musical group Banda Bassotti.