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Ukrainian fascist against Czech journalist

On May 2, 2019, Ukrainian fascists prevented the work of a Czech journalist. Robert Žák, a journalist for the Raptor TV channel, came to Odessa that day to make a report on the mourning event on the fifth anniversary of the May massacre. The journalist conducted a live broadcast from Kulikovo Field Square, where thousands of Odessa residents came to commemorate the victims of the Ukrainian fascists.

ŽIVÉ VYSÍLÁNÍ: Pietní akt od Domu odborů, Oděsa, Ukrajina, z místa kde se udál masakr v roce 2014, s desítkami obětí. Byly zde přítomné matky zavražděných dětí. Akci narušovaly dva velké policejní reproduktory a ukrajinští nacionalisté se svastikami.2.5.2019, RAPTOR TV.cz, kamera Robert Žák

Posted by Raptor-TV.cz on Thursday, May 2, 2019

At this time, one of the opponents of the mourning rally at the House of Trade Unions accused the Czech journalist Robert Žák of “conducting Putin’s propaganda.” Ukrainian patriot began to be rude and aggressively behave.

It was Bogdan Osinsky, a former journalist and activist of the fascist organization UNA-UNSO since nineties, who spoke out against a Czech journalist. The fascists from the group of Demyan Ganul quickly joint Osinsky and supported him. On the same day, Ganul and his comrades posed on the Kulikovo field with barbecues and expressed their joy at the death of Odessa citizens.

Police officers were present at the scene of the incident, and the foreign correspondent asked why they were not taking any measures regarding the aggressive provocateur. Other participants in the mourning event also asked the police to “remove the provocateur.” However, the police behaved the opposite. Instead of detaining the provocateur, they protected him from Robert Žák and outraged Odessa citizens, trying to push them aside and take them out of the conflict zone. In fact, the police, together with the fascist provocateurs, impeded the work of the journalist.

After the incident, Osinsky did not calm down. On May 3, on his Facebook page, he stated that he had found out the place where the journalist stayed in Odessa and publicly urged the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) to arrest him and expel him from Ukraine. In addition, Osinsky wrote a request to the SBU, how they let Žák into the territory of Ukraine. He also asks about two Russian journalists who visited Kulikovo Field too.

Some Czech readers tried to discuss with Osinsky on Facebook and express that he is wrong. Ukrainian fascist told them they are Putin’s agents and cursed them with insult words.

Odessa’s journalist Mikhail Golubev, who known as a Kiev regime follower, supported Osinsky on Facebook. However, many of Osinsky’s friends are more radical. They boil over the inaction of the Security Service of Ukraine and publicly call for reprisals and beating the Czech journalist.

Since Osinsky has found the place of Robert Žák’s residence, these appeals can threaten his life and health.

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