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Odessa massacre: five years passed – nothing changed

Yesterday Odessa residents commemorated fifth anniversary of massacre in the Trade union house at Kulikovo field square. That day five years before a mob of aggressive neo-fascists burnt alive their opponents, who didn’t support far-right coup in Ukraine and demanded rebuilding Ukraine to federative state. According to official data there were 46 victims: 42 federalists were killed in the House of Trade Unions and 4 men in other places of Odessa. But the Council of mothers numbered 49 victims according to recently found evidences.

Since that time thousands of Odessa residents come to Kulikovo field on May 2 with flowers and demand justice. But Kiev regime is constant. Ukrainian authorities do nothing to punish fascist criminals. Contrary they encourage fascist murderers and threaten Odessa residents.

This year sad anniversary has passed as usual. From early morning police have cordoned off the area. From early morning thousands of Odessa residents visited Kulikovo field with flowers.

The main mourning event dedicated to the fifth anniversary of the 2014 tragedy, took place around 4:00 pm local time. The event was attended by the families and friends of those killed on May 2, as well as hundreds of sympathizers from Odessa. According to the tradition, black and white balloons were launched into the sky, which symbolize the souls of the dead.

None of the leaders of Ukraine, including the new president Zelensky, said anything about the Odessa tragedy. For all five years, the authorities prefer to keep silent about this event.

Every time, when Odessa residents gather at the House of Trade Unions, Ukrainian fascists come to the place of their crime and provoke their opponents, insulting the memory of the victims. Not an exception yesterday. Fights took place on the Kulikovo field, despite the large number of police officers. The conflict occurred because of a few dozen young people with red balls and fascist symbolism. They came to memory event exactly by the time when the launch of hundreds of black balls was planned. Young people constantly shouted “Glory to Ukraine!” Visitors were immediately surrounded by people who came to honor the memory of the dead. A verbal skirmish, insults began. People argued about who is right and who is to blame for the murders on the Kulikovo field 5 years ago. The police did not separate the conflicting parties. Fortunately, there were no casualties. Fascists launched their red balloons as they planned, police did not prevent that mockery.

Some Ukrainian fascists use even more sophisticated ways of mocking their victims. Five years ago, the fascists called the corpses of Odessans, burned in the House of Trade Unions, barbecue. This image still causes their positive associations. Therefore, yesterday the Odessa fascist Demyan Ganul published in Instagram photos with barbecues near the Kulikovo field in Odessa. “I just had lunch with barbecue at Kulikov Field,” Ganul wrote. This is mental cannibalism.

In the evening of the same day, the right-wing radicals, most of whom were from the National Squared, held their next “March of Ukrainian order”. The procession, which began from the monument to Taras Shevchenko, was attended one thousand participants. According to the testimony of the organizers of the action, they brought supporters from several regions of Ukraine. They do not have enough supporters in Odessa to conduct such marches.

Participants of the procession shouted traditional slogans of the Ukrainian fascists and repeated the traditional myth of the Ukrainian nationalists, as if, unlike Donbass, peace reigns in Odessa thanks to the May massacre. In fact, the war in Donbass and the Odessa massacre have the same reasons – the rise of radical ultra-right nationalism. So that there is neither one nor the other, it is necessary that the Ukrainian fascists disappear.

Kiev regime has created another shameful tradition. By the morning of the next day the mountains of flowers assigned to the House of Trade Unions are destroyed. This day was no exception. Already in the morning of May 3, all the flowers from the square disappeared.

The fascists and their patrons are doing everything to erase the memory of the crime, but their efforts are in vain. Hundreds of thousands people all over the world repeat the slogan of the Council of Mothers “Do not forget! Do not forgive!”

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