Ukraine is armed with NATO weapons

Since US backed coup in Ukraine its new government has collaborated with the USA and other NATO members. The collaboration has been lasting for five years. Maidan coup has provoked a civil war in Ukraine that is why current Ukrainian authorities constantly need military help to fight against pro-Russian rebels. NATO countries give it up regularly. In April 2019 when civil war reached its fifth anniversary many countries from North Atlantic alliance demonstrated their support to Kiev government.

On April 9 the Ukrainian ambassador to the US Valery Chalyi announced: “In the coming days, more than 150 military elite airborne divisions of the US Army will arrive in Ukraine to train the Ukrainian military.”

“Soldiers of the Canadian Armed Forces arrived in Ukraine to continue the training program for Ukrainian sappers. This is the eighth rotation of Canadian instructors since 2015,” the Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s press service said on Tuesday, April 9.

35 cars Humvee for the armed forces of Ukraine were unloaded in the port of Odessa. On April 13, the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak announced this. According to him, 20 vehicles are armored, so after installing weapons on them they will be sent to combat units. The rest of the cars will be used as medical vehicles. Add that Humvee were developed for the US Army in 1985, and decommissioned — in 2006, that is, 13 years ago.

Even Turkey, who has tensions with the US last years, helps Kiev government to strengthen its armed forces. Ukraine signed an agreement to buy unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) from Turkey, Turkish media wrote in January citing president Poroshenko. Poroshenko said the country continued to rearm its army with modern models that meet NATO standards.

According to the information gathered by Anadolu Agency correspondent, Turkish UAV manufacturer Baykar will produce six Bayraktar TB2 and deliver them to Ukraine in a year. Along with the UAVs, three ground control station systems and equipment will also be delivered.

Bayraktar TB2 has been used by the Turkish Armed Forces and Turkey’s Security Directorate since 2015. The TB2 armed UAV, was developed for tactical reconnaissance and surveillance missions and it can also carry ammo, do assaults, and has laser target acquisition. Currently, Turkish Armed Forces have a fleet of 75 Bayraktar TB2 platforms.

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