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Nazi descendants publicly use the fascist greeting in the center of Europe

The Ukrainian edition «Correspondent» reports on a mass event held by Ukrainian Nazis in the westernmost region of Ukraine. Right-wing nationalists from the paramilitary organization of the Carpathian Sich published a photo of a commemorative event in the Red Field Memorial Park in the Transcarpathian region, where they use the fascist greeting in masks.

According to the organization’s Facebook page, the event took place on March 19 and was dedicated to resisting the Hungarian occupation. In the spring of 1939, fascist Hungary occupied Transcarpathia, which then belonged to Czechoslovakia. Radical Ukrainian nationalists tried to take advantage of the situation and declared the independence of Carpathian Ukraine. The attempt was unsuccessful, because the plans of Hungary did not included Ukrainian statehood. Among the radical Ukrainian nationalists involved in those past events, many were closely associated with the fascist movement of Konovalets, Melnik and Bandera. Therefore, their modern followers celebrate the anniversary of the Carpathian Ukraine in the classical forms of Nazi aesthetics.

«The descendants of the heroes of the Carpathian Sich traditionally honored the memory of the Guardians of the Carpathian Mountains on the site of their last battle. The heroes who fell for the Free Carpathians were present!» — the Nazis said.

Describing their views, the Carpathian Sich spokesmen declare they are «a right-wing nationalist movement whose fighters are united by the common ideas of the national revival of Ukraine and powerful traditionalist Europe.»

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