New Evidence of Nazi-State Alliance in Ukraine

Over the past five years, Ukrainian human rights activists and opposition journalists have repeatedly pointed out that one of the most active neo-Nazi organizations in Ukraine, C-14, operates under the auspices of the Security Service of Ukraine.

The activists of the C-14 are known for many high-profile robber attacks against social activists and random opponents of the Kiev regime. The group was able to legalize itself as a part of municipal guard of the city of Kiev. Even before the legalization of the C-14 group, opposition journalists pointed to numerous indirect evidence of cooperation between C-14 and special services. The facts of the responsibility evasion for unlawful acts and the boastful statements of the Nazi leader Yevgeny Karas about relations with the SBU were cited as evidence.

A few days ago, the evidence base has expanded significantly. At the disposal of the Ukrainian edition Obozrevatel (Observer) were resonant data that indicate the direct subordination of the radicals to the special services. The Observer has always supported the Kiev regime and is famous for the fake news about the civil war in the east of Ukraine. However, in this case it is not a fake. In Ukraine, the presidential election is approaching, and various rival groups use the power agencies under their control in the fight against competitors. The current president Poroshenko relies on the SBU, and his rival Yulia Tymoshenko received the support of her former associate Arsen Avakov, who heads the Ministry of Internal Affairs. For the external observer, this struggle looks like a conflict between the Security Service of Ukraine and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. As a result, even the most deceitful Ukrainian media are beginning to tell the truth.

The “Observer” found out that during a series of protest actions, the actions of the Nazis were coordinated directly by the SBU. So, on February 9, 2019, in the center of Kiev, during a rally of presidential candidate Yulia Tymoshenko, law enforcement officers detained C-14 militants. They seized gas cartridges, knives and posters.

Soon the detainees were released, but personal belongings were never returned to them. Nazis’ “support group” arrived at the place and went on the attack on the Podolsk regional police department. As a result of the conflict, three policemen were wounded, and the special forces neutralized the attackers.

The situation caused a public outcry throughout the country. As a result, in the evening all the Nazis were released. A criminal case was opened against one of the policemen for the cry “Lie down, Bandera!”

In this situation, many were interested in the question – why did so-called activists come to the rally with knives, and then completely allowed themselves to storm the police department? Such impunity can be associated with the protection of C-14 by the Security Service of Ukraine.

According to Ukrainian journalists, the actions of the Nazis were coordinated by people who arrived in Volkswagen Transporter cars with the BH2764HC license plate and Mercedes with the CB7387AC license plate number. A few days later, already on February 12, during a Nazis’ rally under the Shevchenko district court of Kiev, unknown people on the same car handed out to the participants of the action banners, posters and banners, as well as money for participation (300 hryvnias).

The next day, the coordination of the protests was carried out by people in a black Audi A6 car with the license plate AA6355CK. This car, according to journalists, put on record in the fleet of the SBU.

It is also known that the Volkswagen Transporter BH2764HC car is used by employees of the Main Directorate for Combating Corruption and Organized Crime of the SBU. A Mercedes car with the sign CB7387AC is on the balance of management of the SBU in the Odessa region.

In this situation, it becomes obvious that at least C-14 activity is coordinated with representatives of the Ukrainian special services. And the participation of departmental cars, as well as the transfer of money and banners for neo-Nazis, only confirm the close cooperation of the group with the SBU.

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