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Statement issued by 53 Brazilian unions and organizations, including the Workers Party (PT), the Trade Union Central (CUT), the Landless Peasants Movement (MST) and the National Student Union (UNE) — see full list below.

The organizations, movements and personalities that make up the Brazilian Committee for Peace in Venezuela defend the sovereignty and self-determination of peoples and that is why they are issuing this statement publicly:


  1. We denounce that yet another attempt at a coup d’état is underway in Venezuela. This international offensive has been led by the US government and supported by its lackeys in Latin America and Europe. Juan Guaidó was not elected president, he proclaimed himself president at a demonstration organized by the opposition, becoming the puppet needed to carry out the coup and guarantee the imperialist interests in Venezuela. Guaidó has political and economic support from outside Venezuela, but inside Venezuela he does not have the support and legitimacy of the majority of the people.


We repudiate any and all threats of interference and military intervention against Venezuela, which open a possible lamentable scenario of war on the borders with Brazil and other South American countries, putting at risk the lives of the Venezuelan, Brazilian and Latin American people.


  1. We repudiate the interventionist declarations of the Brazilian Government, expressed by President Jair Bolsonaro and his Chancellor Ernesto Araújo, which break with the tradition of Brazilian diplomacy of seeking peace, dialogue and regional integration.


  1. We repudiate the interventionist statements of the governments of the «Lima Group» and of the member countries of the European Union, which recognized Guaidó as president and want to interfere in the Venezuelan elections.


  1. We repudiate the cruel economic blockade practiced by the United States against the Venezuelan people; recently the United States seized billions of Venezuelan dollars that are in U.S. banks, crowning the economic siege that has been applied for three years with the clear objective of destabilizing the popular support maintained by Maduro’s government, at the cost of depriving the population of medicines, food and hygiene products.


  1. We denounce the international interests of seizing the oil and natural goods that belong to the Venezuelan people. It is clear to us that Trump’s objective is to seize not only Venezuelan assets in the U.S., but also to take control over the nation’s oil and natural resources through the installation of a puppet government. For that, as we already know, coups d’état and threats of intervention have already been widely used in other regions of the planet.


  1. We denounce the Globo Network and all the big Brazilian and international communications companies that manipulate information and spread lies about the government of Nicolás Maduro and about what is happening in Venezuela, confusing the population and taking part directly in the international offensive to destabilize and violate the sovereignty of the Venezuelan people.


  1. We defend the sovereignty and self-determination of the Venezuelan people, who have the right to choose their own destiny through the election of their governments without any external interference.


  1. We recognize the legitimate government of Nicolás Maduro, winner with 67% of the valid votes of the election held on May 20, 2018 against four opposition candidates. Such election was held under the supervision of 200 international observers, who verified the integrity, transparency and legitimacy of the entire process.


  1. We defend all Dialogue and Peace initiatives that respect the sovereignty of the Venezuelan people. We welcome the initiative of the governments of Mexico and Uruguay that began on February 7. We salute the demonstrations of Pope Francisco and all the religious leaders, artists, politicians, personalities and entities that have manifested themselves in that sense.


Finally, we commit ourselves to:


— To be alert to what is happening in Venezuela, aware that it is not only a question of justice and solidarity, but also of the destiny of the Brazilian people and of the Latin American people.


— To be mobilized in the streets, in the fields, in the universities, in the unions, in the movements, in the parties, in the churches, in the media, and in all possible places to establish a dialogue with the population about what is happening in Venezuela and why it is so important and urgent to take sides at this moment.


Brazilian Committee for Peace in Venezuela

São Paulo, February 8, 2019.





  1. Ação Antifascista
  2. Afronte Juventude Anti Capitalista
  3. Articulação Brasileira dos Movimentos da ALBA
  4. Brigadas Populares
  5. Central de Movimentos Populares – CMP
  6. Central dos Trabalhadores e Trabalhadoras do Brasil – CTB
  7. Central Única dos Trabalhadores – CUT
  8. Centro Brasileiro de Solidariedade aos Povos e Luta pela Paz – Cebrapaz
  9. Centro de Estudos da Mídia Alternativa Barão de Itararé
  10. Centro de Estudos e Pesquisa Ruy Mauro Marini
  11. Coletivo Abrebrecha
  12. Coletivo Democracia Corinthiana — CDC
  13. Comissão Pastoral da Terra — CPT
  14. Confederação Nacional dos Trabalhadores em Estabelecimentos de Ensino – CONTEE
  15. Conselho Mundial da Paz – CMP
  16. Consulta Popular
  17. Coordenação Nacional de Articulação das Comunidades Negras Rurais Quilombolas — CONAQ
  18. Coordenação Nacional de Entidades Negras – CONEN
  19. Federação Sindical Mundial – FSM
  20. Federação Única dos Petroleiros – FUP
  21. Fundação Lauro Campos
  22. Grupo de Estudos em Educação Ambiental desde el Sur da UNIRIO
  23. Intersindical – Central da Classe Trabalhadora
  24. Intifada — Grupo Pró Palestina
  25. Levante Popular da Juventude
  26. Marcha Mundial de Mulheres – MMM
  27. Movimento Camponês Popular — MCP
  28. Movimento de Luta nos Bairros, Vilas e Favelas — MLB
  29. Movimento de Moradia no Centro — MMC
  30. Movimento de Mulheres Camponesas – MMC
  31. Movimento de Pescadores e Pescadoras Artesanais do Brasil — MPP
  32. Movimento dos Atingidos por Barragens – MAB
  33. Movimento dos Pequenos Agricultores — MPA
  34. Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra – MST
  35. Movimento Paulista de Solidariedade à Cuba
  36. Movimento pela Soberania Popular na Mineração – MAM
  37. Movimento Terra Livre
  38. Movimento Trabalhadores Sem Teto — MTST
  39. Partido Comunista Brasileiro — PCB
  40. Partido Comunista do Brasil – PCdoB
  41. Partido Comunista Operário — PCO
  42. Partido dos Trabalhadores – PT
  43. Partido Socialismo e Liberdade — PSOL
  44. Pastoral da Juventude Rural – PJR
  45. Rede de Médicas e Médicos Populares
  46. Refundação Comunista
  47. Sindicato dos Professores de Guarulhos — SINPRO/Guarulhos
  48. União Brasileira de Mulheres – UBM
  49. União Brasileira dos Estudantes Secundaristas – UBES
  50. União da Juventude Comunista — UJC
  51. União da Juventude Socialista – UJS
  52. União Nacional dos Estudantes – UNE
  53. Unidade Popular pelo Socialismo — UP



  1. Aline Cristiane Piva
  2. Berna Menezes — Executiva Nacional do PSOL
  3. Celso Sánchez — Professor da UNIRIO
  4. Francisvaldo Mendes — Presidente da Fundação Lauro Campos
  5. Guilherme Boulos — Ex candidato a presidente pelo PSOL
  6. Jair Pinheiro — Professor de Ciência Política na FFC/UNESP/Marília
  7. José Carlos Miranda – Conselheiro Fundação Lauro Campos
  8. Juliano Medeiros — Presidente Nacional do PSOL
  9. Lúcia Rodrigues, Jornalista
  10. Rodrigo Bocão — Executiva Nacional do PSOL
  11. Socorro Gomes — Presidente do Conselho Mundial da Paz
  12. Valerio Arcary — Historiador


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