Ancient flowing rivers on Red Planet found – alien search launched

By Anders Anglesey

Scientists at the European Space Agency (ESA) revealed images taken from the Red Planet’s surface, which show trenches and valleys – something they claim hints at signs of ancient water flow.

The team argued that while Mars is now cold and dry, this was not always the case.

Instead, researchers said the atmosphere was wetter and warmer – meaning there could be a steady flow of water on the surface.

The area of southern highlands – named Huygens – showed traces of rivers that may have formed for four million years ago.

A post, released by the ESA, said: “Research in past years instead increasingly indicates that the planet once had a thicker, denser atmosphere that was able to lock in far greater amounts of warmth.

“Therefore it could facilitate and support the flow of liquid on the surface below.

“While this (wetter conditions) is no longer the case, we see clear signs of past water activity tracing across the Martian surface.»

Now, scientists are questioning whether the climate would have been able to support life – something the ESA said was the “topic at heart of the Mars exploration”.


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