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Prosecutor General and Rule of Law in Ukraine

Since the end of November, martial law has been in force in Ukraine. At this time, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko visited Odessa, which is disloyal to the Kiev regime. The visit took place on December 4th and was accompanied by strange actions and shocking statements.

The first thing Lutsenko met with local fascist activists, in particular, with the ex-leader of the Odessa «Right Sector» Sergei Sternenko, Oleg Mikhailik and other activists, whose names he decided not to mention. The meeting was held behind closed doors. Sergei Sternenko committed the murder in May, but did not bear any responsibility and has been not arrested till now. Instead of arresting a clear criminal, Lutsenko said that he had agreed to cooperate with him in order to fight against Odessa citizens sympathizing with Russia: “We agreed cooperation is possible and even necessary,” — Lutsenko commented on the results of the meeting. “Cooperation is necessary with those who want to fight crime, corruption, the aggressor country and its satellites.”

Only after the meeting with fascist criminals Lutsenko held a meeting with the regional leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the prosecutor’s office in the Odessa region. He promised there, that law enforcement agencies would clear the media space of the Odessa region from any manifestations of separatism and anti-state statements. According to Lutsenko, many regional mass media in the Odessa region allow anti-state manifestations.

Speaking in the prosecutor’s office, Lutsenko called part of the citizens of Ukraine an “exchange fund” for talks with Russia. “The radicals recently picketed the prosecutor’s office, demanding to recruit more traitors in order to have an exchange fund. We have it sufficient: more than three hundred people were convicted of anti-state activities. There is someone to change,” — the prosecutor boasted. If there were few political criminals, the police could arbitrarily arrest a certain number of politically unreliable citizens to exchange them later for Kiev supporters arrested in Russia. Thus, the prosecutor condemned the demands of the radicals, not because they were illegal, but because they were not necessary.

Finally, Lutsenko told the heads of law enforcement agencies in the Odessa region that any attack on Odessa’s fascists, whom he calls “pro-Ukrainian activists”, should be regarded as an attack on the Ukrainian state, even if these activists are wrong. “Any attempt on the pro-Ukrainian element will be considered as an attempt on the Ukrainian statehood, even if these activists are not always right,” — the prosecutor general said.

Lutsenko stressed that, although activists do not have the right to take upon themselves the functions of law enforcement agencies and to establish by force the orders they like, they simply have to do this, since the official law enforcement agencies do not always do what activists ask them for. Lutsenko called on law enforcement officers to cooperate more closely with activists and always respond to their reports, «even if their information is slightly exaggerated or inaccurate.»

Oppositional journalist from Odessa comments on this stream of illegal statements: “Many people are surprised at how a prosecutor general can be a person without a legal education. As for me, another thing is surprising: how can a prosecutor general be a person without brains in principle?

Listen to what he states: an attack on an activist is equivalent to an attack on a Ukrainian state, even if he is wrong; law enforcement agencies must respond to information from activists, even if this information is exaggerated or erroneous.

He doesn’t talk bunkum anywhere on drunk. It is he who gives instructions (!) to the heads of the Odessa law enforcement agencies!

I will not write that in any normal country the prosecutor would be fired after similar statements. Such a person should not be dismissed only, but right here from the meeting he must be sent to a madhouse, and preferably not to let out from there.”

As Western media describe current situation in Ukraine, young democracy fights against external enemies…

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