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Kiev Regime Celebrates Bandera’s Birthday

On Tuesday 18 Ukrainian parliament adopted a list of memorial days for the year of 2019. It starts from the birthday of Stepan Bandera, the leader of Ukrainian Nazi movement. The National Bank will produce commemorative coins, and state mail service will create post envelopes and stamps. The Ministry of Education is obliged to give lessons at schools and higher education institutions devoted to birthday boys, the Ministry of Culture is obliged to organize exhibitions and thematic events, and the Television and Radio Broadcasting Committee is obliged to promote media coverage. The regional authorities are also active in glorification. Lviv regional council proclaimed the year of 2019 a year of Bandera. The decision of the Ukrainian authorities to celebrate the birthday of Stepan Bandera at the official level is blasphemy against the memory of all those who were killed by the hands of Ukrainian nationalists.

The head of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee, Eduard Dolinsky, said that in addition to celebrating the 110th anniversary of the birth of Stepan Bandera, Ukraine will celebrate the 110th anniversary of the organizer of the Jewish pogroms in Western Ukraine — the OUN activist Ivan Klymiv. OUN was political party headed by Bandera, it formed paramilitary armed forces called UPA.

«There is the blood of hundreds and hundreds of Jewish children and women in the hands of the today hero. In addition, the country will celebrate the 90th anniversary of the first OUN congress, the 80th anniversary of Carpathian Ukraine, the 75th anniversary of the UPA battle near Gurba, the 100th anniversary of Peter Fedun (member of OUN-UPA) , The 110th anniversary of the Colonel of the UPA Peter Oliynyk. The 140th anniversary of Simon Petliura will also be celebrated,” — Dolinsky said.

This politics corresponds with official attitude to Simon Petliura, another Ukrainian nationalist criminal.

As Stalkerzone web-site reports, the same days Ukraine banned a book about Petliura’s Jewish pogroms written by a Swedish author.

The book about the Jewish pogroms committed by Petliura’s adherants entitled “The Book Thieves” written by a Swedish author was banned in Ukraine for creating a “false image” of the country. The author of the book Anders Rydell reported about this.

“I was very surprised when I learned that the Russian translation of my book ‘The Book Thieves’ was banned the other day in Ukraine — together with 26 other books that cannot be imported and sold in the country”, — reported Rydell.

According to him, the book was recognised as such that “contains Russian propaganda and spreads myths about the Ukrainian People’s Republic“.

The author’s conclusion that in the period of the UPR violence against the Jewish population reached a critical scale became the reason for such a verdict.

Tens of thousands of Jews were killed in more than 1,300 pogroms.

“Violence reached an improbable scale, many were beaten to death, burned alive, their throats were cut. Symon Petliura’s role in pogroms has been hotly discussed since 1920’s. But in modern Ukraine he is eulogised as a hero”, — Rydell noted.

“These books were stigmatised for distributing a false image of the country. In the black list there is everything, from children’s books and novels to historical works”, — the author added.

It is noteworthy that Petliura’s murderer, the Russian-Jewish poet Samuel Schwarzbard, was acquitted by a court in Paris when he reported that he exacted revenge for the murder of 14 of his relatives at Petliura’s time.

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