Daily Archives: December 3, 2018

Tunisia: 90% public sector workers on strike

On Thursday November 22, the deputy general secretary of the UGTT (Tunisia General Federation of Workers) reported that the number of public sector workers on strike responding to the appeal of the unions affiliated to the UGTT was close to 90%. Except hospital emergency wards, all the public sectors were at a standstill.

Police Detain Six Ukrainians, One Georgian on Arms Possession Charges

Six Ukrainians and one Georgian citizen were apprehended in Tbilisi on charges of illegal arms possession, the Interior Ministry reported on December 2.

The Interior Ministry said it seized two handguns, one handmade rifle and “other types of weaponry” from the detainees’ hotel rooms.

China | Xi, Trump agree to ease trade tensions

President Xi Jinping and his United States counterpart, Donald Trump, agreed on Saturday to continue bilateral trade negotiations, stop the imposition of new tariffs and exchange visits at an appropriate time.

They also agreed to expand cooperation and manage differences on the basis of mutual benefit and respect, as well as to jointly push forward a coordinated, cooperative and stable China-US relationship.